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Schwarzenegger attacks file sharing

September 23, 2004 9:52 AM

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and governor of California, signed a bill on Tuesday requiring anyone sharing music or movies on the internet to disclose their email address. It's now a misdimeanor in California if you don't.

The MPAA architected this whole thing using Democratic State Senator Kevin Murray. MPAA President Dan Glickman points out that Schwarzenegger had "a unique understanding of the powerful impact of piracy."

So much for terminating the special interests, huh, Mr. Schwarzenegger?

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Schwarzenegger attacks file sharing (09.23.2004)

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So because he feels the same way as some "special interest" does, he's pandering? No matter which way he goes (veto or pass), he's going to be "pandering" to some special interest group or another... get over it

Thu Sep 23 2004 8:49 PM

Michael Johnson:

It appears that Arnie only cares about copyright crime when it suits his political interests.
I have some info I'd like to pass on to you all.
If you or anyone you know has been threatened/busted for copyright violations regarding video or audio media, you may be interested in what I have to say.
I worked for a school district that for 7 years INTENTIONALLY stole copyrighted movies, etc. to advertise 2 local businesses on our "educational" cable channel (200K households). What the motivation for this was is unknown to me...
I became aware of it at the same time that I observed abuse of the students by the perpetrators of these crimes, including one of them recruiting students for devil worship meetings.
I reported this to the school officials. This began an "Alice thru the Looking Glass" experience for me, eventually resulting in me being fired. This has caused extreme detriment to my family.
I also reported it to: CA Board of Education, Arnie and his wife, the FBI, U.S. Justice Dept., MPAA, RIAA, and each of the copyright owners individually. Many others too. I have boxes of evidence, there is no doubt. Dates, times of offenses (required for prosecution of these crimes), videotapes, numerous witnesses, certified mail receipts of notification, etc. Agent Sanchez of the Victorville FBI office told me: "because of the negative publicity, these copyright owners are usually hesitant to prosecute when a school is involved." That seems to be the case, so basically I get screwed and the crooks are still laughing and working. Unlike the typical d/l'er, these folks were violating the law to make huge sums of money.
My reason for telling you all this is not to solicit sympathy. It is because it is quite clear the law is not being applied equally. I'm not a legal expert, but I believe that your attorney can use this information to get charges dropped.
Please feel free to spread this wherever you think it may do some good. I want to sing, sing, sing. The MPAA and copyright owners are no friends of mine, so maybe I can do some good going in the out door.
I have _lengthy documents on the web describing the affair in great detail:
The last link is a letter to the superintendent expressing shock at her threat to fire me for whistleblowing. She resigned 12 days after I sent it.
Send 'em to me. Maybe we can blow this whole thing sky high. My snail mail address is on one of the links.

Thu Dec 9 2004 12:01 PM

half a brain:

Ok regardless of the morality of fileshareing it is STUPID to enforce filesharing laws through email addresses. 1 email adresses can be obtained and accessed anonymously. 2 Mr Arny just gave EVERY spammer on the net your email address. This is BS and if you actually think that its not because of special interests than your just another idiot republican making the rest of us look as stupid as bush.

Sun Nov 13 2005 10:17 PM

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