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Warner Brothers kills documentary "that condemns, basically, war"

September 2, 2004 11:41 AM

David Russell, director of the '99 dark comedy about the Gulf War Three Kings, has been preparing a short documentary to accompany its re-release in theaters. Warner Brothers put up the $180,000 for the doc, and a small group has been working around the clock to get it done in time. (I know what that's like!)

The studio killed it as soon as they saw it citing vague concerns over potential FEC violations, but "was inclined" to let Russell have the film and let him distribute it independently -- potentially through, just like Outfoxed and Uncovered.

Barbara Brogliatti, WB spokeswomen: "This came out to be a documentary that condemns, basically, war."

David Russell: "I thought I could perhaps make a difference before the election, let people see the situation, how Iraqis wanted to get rid of Saddam, but also show what war does to people."

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Warner Brothers kills documentary "that condemns, basically, war" (09.02.2004)

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