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Bill O'Reilly on Letterman -- video

October 8, 2004 4:34 PM

UPDATE: If you are looking for the 2006 video of Letterman telling O'Reilly "60% of what you say is crap", you can get it from Crooks and Liars, and the blow by blow from the News Hounds.


I finally got a copy of Bill O'Reilly's Tuesday appearance on Letterman where he lied about Outfoxed. He really did just completely make this up.

In the last 6 years, we did a search to show how many times I actually said shut-up on the air. 6 times in 6 years, averaging once a year. Okay. They of course use all 6 of those times, and they use them 7 times, that's 42 times.

He repeated something similar on the September 27th O'Reilly Factor:

So, and then [CBS] did the shut-up-athon. But they did say that I... and I said, "Look, do you know how many times I said 'shut up' in six years on THE FACTOR? Six." But the reason, as John said, they did that because they wanted their audience, who are left-leaning, to go, "Oh, that O'Reilly guy."

This man truly is a pathological liar. Slate identified 30 times he said shut-up on the air. Why weren't they all in Outfoxed? I couldn't track them down in time. In Outfoxed, there were 6 clips from the Factor, and 1 clip from the book fair. None were repeated, and none were taken out of context.

Here's the Letterman video in Quicktime (1MB)

Thanks to everyone who helped me track this down, and super-special thanks to Dave for bringing Outfoxed up on his show.

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Bill O'Reilly on Letterman -- video (10.08.2004)

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Matt Lauer corrected O'Reilly on The Today show when Bill tried to say the same thing. Lauer said that O'Reilly said it 29 times. It was on the MSNC site for a while. If you listen to my song about Bill called "Shut Up! I have him saying it like 34 times lol
Go to
It's posted on that site and this one also,if you want to listen.

Tue Oct 12 2004 12:09 AM

Right Wing Robby:

What, no songs about the proven bias of Dan Rather and the rest of the CBS cronies?

No song about the recent ABC memo that has proven their bias?

Of course not. There is a reason Fox News is cleaning up. The American people trust them, and are losing faith in the left wing media on a daily bias. The proof is in the numbers.

Tue Oct 12 2004 11:43 AM

Roy DeMeo:

Go to Drudge report. O'liely is getting sued for sexual harassment. Hilarious. This guy is the biggest tool out there. At least Hanity, Coulter, et al admit their partisanship. This guys shtick is to make believe he’s not a bomb thrower. Unbelievable. He can’t even tell the truth about where he grew up. NOT Levittown – but he keeps repeating the lie over and over and over. He’s pathological.

Oh BTW - Shut up!

Wed Oct 13 2004 11:57 AM


Right Wing Robby..


Wed Oct 13 2004 1:35 PM


Come on. Many of those quotes are him saying other people said shut up. Or that he wouldn't tell some particular person to shut up. or that we has americans should shut up. Or describing that he things someone else will tell him to shut up. Even quotes that are NOT from his show. Please. This is stupid. Though entertaining... please keep it up. The more you eject this crap, the people realize how full of it you are.

Wed Oct 13 2004 4:38 PM

Roy DeMeo:

I have read that there are tapes of Bill making the alleged comments. If that is true he will be in hot water. Otherwise he’ll lie, it comes natural to him.

Watched the debate last night. Did anyone else out there notice Bush blinking continuously? I have a doctor friend that told me that is a symptom of trying to cover something up. In other word lying.

I don’t remember the exact exchange but Bush said something about trying to get the vaccines from Canada. Isn’t this the same country he said wasn’t safe enough to import drugs from??? God I hope we can get rid of this confused but very dangerous chimp

Thu Oct 14 2004 7:50 AM


Thanks for the post and the video clip!

The Slate.COM article you linked to shouldn't be cited as evidence that O'Reilly tells people to shut up a lot.

They appear to have done a text search of his transcripts and counted every time he uttered the phrase "shut up" even if in context he isn't telling anybody to shut up. For example the Slate article cites this:

"I am in favor of having equal treatment for everyone. But I'm also in favor of having everybody in the military shut up about their sexuality. All right. Not discuss it, it's not germane. It's irrelevant."
—Dec. 20, 2000

Maybe the oft-cited claim about O'Reilly telling people to shut up is based on other evidence. I'm certainly not an O'Reilly fan. But the Slate article doesn't prove anything one way or the other.

respectfully, Jerry

Wed Jan 4 2006 2:07 PM


Shut Up!!

Wed Jan 4 2006 4:27 PM


Good clip but the second half (the best part) was missing.. Doesn't anyone have this?

Wed Jan 4 2006 6:33 PM


Right Wing Robbie, you really should shut up man. We've heard the Fox News talking points that you poor little uninformed righties quote unceasingly so many times, it's actually a waste of breath. Shut up and save it for the Klan meeting next week. They can never get enough of that capola.

Thu Jan 5 2006 8:22 PM

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