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Did I say Iraq? I meant Iran!

October 5, 2004 4:32 PM

Michael Ledeen says effectively "Oops, we fucked up on Iraq, we should have taken out Iran."

"So let's try again to get it right. ... Faster, damnit."

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Did I say Iraq? I meant Iran! (10.05.2004)

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Wayne Coles-Janess:

Dear Jim

I hope that you are feeling the best you can. - my heart goes out to you and certainly hope that a suitable donor...?

I'm based in Australia - and make some silly decisions sometimes... but if medically possible. - given timing and distance. you can officially have access to my organs if things don't work out?

all the best and congratulations on th work you are achieving!

we have been doing this one for 4 years now... and the government is keeping down.

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