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Skipping town...

October 29, 2004 10:56 AM

While most folks around here are heading to Vegas or Arizona for GOTV this morning, I'm leaving on my mini-world tour. I'll be in London during the election -- polls start closing around 2-3am or so London time, so it'll be a late night, but I intend to blog it live. I expect it'll be an interesting experience being in Europe during this time.

Yes, I already voted.

Oh, and O'Reilly and Mackris settled. Supposedly for a lot of money, a lot more than the $175,000 Keith raised to save the tapes.

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For those of us stateside, the Daily show will cover the election live, starting at 10 PM ET (7 PM PST).

They also mention something called their "Election Day Blog":

"Let Indecision 2004 hold your hand and walk you through Election Day. We promise to scoop at least one other website throughout the day."

Who wants ice cream?

Fri Oct 29 2004 11:34 AM


Fri Oct 29 2004 11:37 AM

evil conservative666:

Saw you're going to be in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA tommorow. Great place, hope you enjoy it.

Fri Oct 29 2004 12:07 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Who did you vote for?


I hope your chad dangles. Have a nice trip.

Fri Oct 29 2004 2:31 PM

Dave E.:

On that humorous note, I'd like to submit my concern about our country, devoid of any partisan (I will never use the word partisan again in my life) commentary.

I have caught myself in moments of extreme emotion regarding this all-consuming election. Both positive and negative, it is undoubtedly exhaustive. And we're still not done.

Now. My concern stems from the fact there is such extreme and polar emotion mirroring both sides of this process. Somebody's gonna lose. How do we reconcile these emotions when it's over?

In other concern has actually migrated from who will win this election, to "holy smokes", never mind who will win...will this country ever recover from such vitriolic division? I think this is a serious, serious problem, no matter who wins and by no matter how much.

Three years ago, the last to words on anybody's mind were Republican or Democrat. Now them's fighting words. And I'm guilty of this, too. I've caught myself feeling incredible disbelief and negative emotion toward other Americans. After some reflection, that makes me sad and pisses me off, in conjunction. Be sensitive about laying blame and pointing fingers right now...we've got to live with each other somehow after this farce of reality is over.

Oh. And I just happened to listen to Rage Against The Machine's first LP today and it reinvigorated my convictions that Bush needs to go buh-bye.

Disclaimer to the self-righteous crowd: Anybody that scoffs at someone who is influenced by art and the "hollywood crowd", well, get wise. Art is a more substantive extension of writing. I dare you to shout down the great writers as being inconsequential to a nation's history or evolution. Yeah...The Boss and his opinion don't mean a thing. He just needs to "dance, monkey!"

Fri Oct 29 2004 9:02 PM

Dave E.: the spirit of being true to The Thread, being in Europe does have a strange affect on a bloke's perspective of the world. Kinda removes that Ameri-centrism from the thought and replaces it with a more complete idea of what this spinning blue ball is all about.

With the power and influence this country has upon the world, it should be mandatory that each citizen spend at least one year overseas somewhere. I lived two years in Crete and bounced all over the rest of the planet for a few years. I missed the Khobar towers bombing in Saudi Arabia by two weeks. I spent 8 months of my life in Saudi and was changed forever - ladies here in the states, kiss the ground you find yourself on right now. Oil is no excuse for how we, as a country, defer to this stone age country. It disgusts me. The fact that India and China are both industrializing at a 10-15% rate per year should only motivate us to develop alternatives to oil further (consequently, India and China's industrialization is the more significant, strategic reason as to why we're in Iraq...the oil's not for's to keep it away from the future Hegemons. Leverage, if you will).

Moving on. I was in England during World Cup '98 and realized that American football isn't as relevant as we were are conditioned to believe...I'm rambling, and's Friday and I've returned from the local pub here in Sacramento (the terminator's town) so I ramble.

I'm just looking forward to: 1)Jim's live blog on super tuesday 2)casting my vote for John F. Kerry at the local elementary school, where the good and bad all begins, and 3)November 3rd. The day this divisive mess is over, and we can all start licking our wounds and try to reconcile all this insane emotion back into one united country.

Even though I may still not understand some Republicans, I will still be their fellow American after election day.

Jim! Hoist an authentic pint of Newcastle for me! (if you don't drink, green tea is fine...)


Fri Oct 29 2004 9:32 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Dave: Newcastle it is!

Evil: I just got into Charlottesville... From my window, I can see the UVa medical center I spent months in 7 years ago when I had cancer. Meanwhile, scores of college kids are roaming the streets in halloween garb. Weird emotions.

Fri Oct 29 2004 9:39 PM


Watch out for insane Republicans the next few days. A Republican friend of mine said he had to get some sleep last night so he could spend the rest of the weekend trying to convince his democratic friends to vote Republican.
Of course he’s a paranoid. And his idea of convincing people is to bulldog them into submission and fear or call them idiots.
The Republicans are so full of blistering insane hatred and disdain for democrats that the mind boggles. And of course there is a Muslim radical around every corner and no where is safe.

They are afraid, and they do not want to lose control. Everyone who disagrees is the enemy. Any opposing opinion is giving comfort to the enemy. It is black and white to them. Good and evil. And they are convinced of their righteousness.

They are ready now, to do anything to get GW elected on Tuesday. So look out and have courage. Don’t let anyone intimidate you out of voting. If someone tries to stop you, keep walking to the sign in area and then to the voting booth. Just keep moving. They are not allowed to touch you. If they block your way ask for an official to please remove them and then go around them. If they question you, ignore them, give your name and address to the check in persons and go to the voting booth. Do not be intimidated and do not turn away. Whatever you do vote. Even if you have to fake leaving and then dodge back around them. At the worst, vote and let them figure it out later.
If there is a serious problem get a policeman. Be prepared to stay there all day until they let you vote. Remember they will try and do or say anything to get GW elected and stay in power, including intimidating you and disenfranchising your vote. Do not back down. Be prepared for much Republican weirdness. They will try to make their reasons for disenfranchising people sound logical and right and of course it will be just the opposite.

The only power you really have in this country is your vote.
It is where you get to say what goes.
The rest is just rhetoric.

God help us all on Tuesday.

Fri Oct 29 2004 10:47 PM

evil conservative666:

Dave: if we agree on nothing else, at least we agree on beer.

Jim: I was among all those college kids for a bit tonight, weird scene it was. Glad UVA took good care of you.

Everyone else: I'm going to bed now, it's late and I didn't drink anywhere near enough to justify being awake at 2:30.

Fri Oct 29 2004 11:30 PM

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