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The Cult of Bush

October 21, 2004 10:10 PM

Steve Soto weighs in with another brilliant post, this one based on the searing, just-released PIPA study, and comes to the conclusion that Bush supporters are a cult.

I've felt for awhile now that Bush supporters are a lost cause -- completely unwilling to come to terms with reality. Now there's proof:

Even after the final report of Charles Duelfer to Congress saying that Iraq did not have a significant WMD program, 72% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq had actual WMD (47%) or a major program for developing them (25%). Fifty-six percent assume that most experts believe Iraq had actual WMD and 57% also assume, incorrectly, that Duelfer concluded Iraq had at least a major WMD program. Kerry supporters hold opposite beliefs on all these points.

Similarly, 75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda, and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has been found. Sixty percent of Bush supporters assume that this is also the conclusion of most experts, and 55% assume, incorrectly, that this was the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission. Here again, large majorities of Kerry supporters have exactly opposite perceptions.

The report goes on and on...PIPA did a similar study a while back -- seen in Outfoxed -- showing how Fox News viewers were misinformed about whether Iraq had WMD or ties to al-Qaeda.

PIPA Director Steven Kull: "To support the president and to accept that he took the US to war based on mistaken assumptions likely creates substantial cognitive dissonance, and leads Bush supporters to suppress awareness of unsettling information about prewar Iraq."

Maybe Bush supporters should join the "reality-based community" -- and vote for Kerry.

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"Similarly, 75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda, and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has been found. "

I am on the fence about this one.
please read

Searching for the truth,

Dave Craige

Fri Oct 22 2004 6:54 AM

Red Ghost:

How's this for sensational:


Fri Oct 22 2004 9:47 AM


How do we deprogram our Republican friends, so they can see objective reality again?

Fri Oct 22 2004 3:02 PM


It must make all you feel so much better of yourselfs to be convinced your political opponents are just "brainwashed" or part of a cult.

That "Christian" blood cult makes simple points and takes them way over the top...
1) Bush is a Christian that believes in the death penalty
2) Billy Grahm believs Islam is false
3) Christianity is at odds with the Pope's Catholisism in the war in Iraq..

I'm not sure how radical that is.....

Sat Oct 23 2004 7:45 AM

Red Ghost:

Political opponents? Or fellow citizens?

The thing is, it doesn't make me feel particularly great. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect. It's staggering to realize that a much-too-large segment of our population is either incapable or completely unwilling to realistically assess our current situation. That same segment really seems to wants what? A fight? A test of faith? The Rapture? To win?

It does not make me feel better at all.

Sat Oct 23 2004 12:39 PM

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