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The "experts" in FarenHYPE 9/11

October 9, 2004 9:44 AM

Realizing that I probably have to watch this movie, I went to the featured interviews page to see who is in it. They're all politicians, pundits, political consultants, and right-wing journalists ... plus a couple of pissed off people who unknowingly ended up in Moore's flick.

Contrast that with Uncovered, where there are former ambassadors, State department officials, CIA analysts and operatives, White House officials, weapons inspectors, military brass, and a former Director of Central Intelligence.

I mean, seriously, political consultants? Dick Morris is your best interview?

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The "experts" in FarenHYPE 9/11 (10.09.2004)

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Red Ghost:

In my neighborhood video store after the debate last night, and I see FarenHYPE 911 on the shelf. I pick it up to read the back thinking, "Straight to video, okay..." I'm scanning the talking heads and as soon as I reach Coulter, I instantly put it down. Not put it down as in, "Oh, Ann Coulter? I HATE that woman," but put it down in a sheer physical reflex (one might say "knee jerk") as though it were burning my hand.

So, now I'm completely intrigued.

Sat Oct 9 2004 10:25 AM


Has anyone heard about these Bush ads masquerading as actual news stories?

I'm looking to get my hands on a copy of this one and the previous one discussed. Propaganda is alive and well.

Mon Oct 11 2004 9:17 AM

Right Wing Robby:

This movie should avoided for all reasons except pure entertainment value. I dislike these propaganda movies no matter who makes them.

(hmm, maybe I should make a movie about that)

Mon Oct 11 2004 11:57 AM


"Has anyone heard about these Bush ads masquerading as actual news stories?"

Anybody watched the propaganda program that masquerades as network news? It features Dan Rather every night at 6:30.

Mon Oct 11 2004 2:12 PM


It's funny to listen to all the right wingers who where critical of F 9/11 without actually seeing it. The film really is a statment about the casulties of war in my view, and if you saw MM debate O'Reilly about the film; Moore stopped O'
Reilly in his tracks when he asked him if Bill would send his kids to Iraq. I'm sure Fox News and Sean Hannity will devote many segments to this film and the documentary that Sinclair is trying to force down their affiliates throats.

Tue Oct 12 2004 12:05 AM

Right Wing Robby:

Moore is a hardcore left wing liberal mis-leads people and brainwashes them like he has you. Moore takes every opportunity he can to smear this country and make it look as bad as possible. Thats why Terrorist groups like Hezzbollah endorse his movie. Hezbollah and Moore agree.

I'll answer Moore's question. I would never force my son to go to Iraq. But thats why there isnt a draft, our Army is 100% volunteer.

Tue Oct 12 2004 12:02 PM


"But thats why there isnt a draft, our Army is 100% volunteer."

Those volunteers signed up to defend this country, not topple tinpot dictators.

Tue Oct 12 2004 1:09 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Toppling Saddam was in defense of this country and others.

Tue Oct 12 2004 1:28 PM

Jim Gilliam:

If Hezbollah and Moore agree, then Bush and Bin Laden agree... they both hate Saddam Hussein.

Tue Oct 12 2004 1:42 PM


right wing robby! i pity the people when they are so misinform. You still think that this war was to defend this country? LOL. No wonder they make fun of us in Europe and the rest of the world

Sun Oct 24 2004 10:05 PM


Yes, Moore is an arrogant prick. Yes, I do not like him. But at the same time, I don't think two wrongs (Farenheit 9/11 and FarenHYPE 9/11) make a right.

Mon Oct 25 2004 10:27 PM


I think the people in this great nation need another wake up call, 9/11 ring a bell anyone. I don't care what MIchael Moore has to say because sad to say it, but he is getting rich off of his trash. How about patriotism ? Have we all lost it in this country. Since when do we care what the rest of the world (namely FRANCE and GERMANY) have to say about how we defend ourselves. Just because they have chosen not to fight back terrorism for years in their contry dosen't mean we should do the same. And if you believe MOORE and the MONGREL LEFT MEDIA over the word of the TROOPS in IRAQ WHO HAPPEN TO BE THERE !!! Then keep drinking or in some of your cases, guzzling the Kool AID !!

Wed Oct 27 2004 2:43 PM


you people who say moore is lying kill me.
why the hell would someone spend that much time and effort putting together a movie about the bush crime family, knowing that the flat-earthers are going to go over with a fine tooth comb, without making sure all of the facts check out?
don't you morons know that you can look stuff up?
he's lying? proove it.
and don't take the work of white house shills like ann coulter and ron silver.
you can go to the sources, just like moore did.
oh, but i guess that would be too much like work.

The NY Times looked into it. You can go straight to the Times, look into the archives and find the article or link to it here:

You can also go through the resource guide for the movie. it's where you'll find where he found his facts:

there is also a section that points to the findings of the 9/11 commission.

so the piece has moore's slant.
so does any filmaker's work.
(anyone see the gospel according to mel? you know what i'm talking about.)
But the whole idea of the movie is for you to get your ass off the sofa, put down the kool-aid and DO SOME HOMEWORK.
patriotism does NOT equal blind obedience.
an uninformed population is a danger to society.

Thu Oct 28 2004 10:42 PM


MORE KOOL AID, what this time RED RASBERRY or BLUE BALLS BLUEBERRY. How many times do you people have to be kicked in the head to realize that MICHAEL MOORE didn't even do half of the interviewing. Most of it was done by a front group so that the interviewees would not have any idea what it was for. Listen to Michael the brainiac's very first diatribe at the beginning of the movie "There is no terrorist threat, there is no terrorist threat. Yes there have been horrific acts of terror, and there will be more horrific acts of terror...." and it goes on. What an idiot, how can you stand there and tell me he wasn't talking out of both sides of his mouth. He has even been quoted as saying that we all make too much out of 9/11, this guy is sick. Did we all go braindead or something, thousands of people died on 9/11 and he wants us to believe there is no terrorist threat. I don't need to do any homework to figure that out. But I have done some fact checking and MOORE's movie is not based in fact. You site as your resouces two michael moore websites and the "NEW YORK TIMES" !!!! GET REAL. YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT BLIND OBEDIANCE, I guess you worship MOORE cause you either back up his trash with more of his trash, or you take the MEDIA GURUS in this country as GOSPEL !! Mel Gibson at least based most of his movie on the gospels of the bible, at least he had a source that was not his own lies and manipulation. And the main reason SOME PEOPLE don't like MEL's movie is because even though JESUS died and ROSE again over 2 thousand years ago he is still intimidating people. I was in the military and let me tell you something about propaganda, it may have a factual slant, but usually it is 180 degrees from the truth. How can you say something is true when sometimes half of the real footage or quotes used in MOORES movie were not even complete. You might want to consider all this before you question my research, you might want to check yourself on this one. And as for me, I think you have met your match, because I have been all over this world and I have seen the children of IRAQ and other oppressed nations that MOORE portrays in his movie as being sooo happy. It is all a lie. And by the way I could have, as you say, spent all this time and effort that you say MOORE has spent and create a good lie. You know why he did it ?? Not for TRUTH, because he is looking out for you, more like for the millions of dollars he is making and the awards he is getting and not to mention all the attention. Think about it in between those gulps of that KOOL-AID you are still drinking !!

Fri Oct 29 2004 8:58 AM


The big picture, people, is that this war is costing us...Bush just signed on for another 75 Billion dollars, that's you and me paying for it, and pushing our deficit even further up. And soldiers are dying. This is exactly what Osama wants. On another point: How come we don't invade Iran, North Korea, Syria, or provide military assistance to Sudan if it so important to free's the oil. Those other places DO NOT have the 2nd largest reserves in the world...therefore, who cares? How can we speculate on human suffering...the US is in Iraq not for the freedom of Iraqi's, its for the oil. And where does the President make most of his money? OIL, Hummm? All those places are just as why don't we go after them? It's the oil. And world opinion does matter. It's a big world and we can't take it all on ourselves, we need to work together. An offensive in Iraq is not protecting fact it's driving the numbers up who hate what we are. Michael Moore may be biased, his facts may wander, but the message is important...question what the final out come will be...and don't blind ourselves to our leaders intentions.

Fri Nov 5 2004 11:29 AM


Moore might not like to admit it but he helped Bush WIN the

Because frankly he didn't help kerry. By drawing more attention on bush it polarized the country even more. Instead being FOR kerry it was for and against bush and much that was against bush simply didn't vote.

Heck there's now even conspiracy theories going around that Moore is funded by bush as a paper tiger proxy force a la like the movie bob roberts that had a fake assasination in it.

Wed Nov 10 2004 8:13 PM


Americans are ignorant.
Stop watching tv that tells you what to think and well think.
moore talks crap but bush has got to be the biggest moron I have ever seen.
Possibly the single worst president in history.
No one seems to care about iraq civilian deaths?
100,000 to 2 thousand american deaths?
please go suck on your tainted flag.
While I fart out your national anthem.

Wed Nov 24 2004 11:34 PM

The anarchist:

America has a horrid record. Nicaragua, el salvador, iran, columbia, brazil, iraq, hell Afghanistan. These are all places that america has defiled in the name of liberty or "demockeracy". Moore isn't even the best or largest "liberal" there is. It just shows how short sighted americans are. Ever heard of a man named Noam Chomksy? or howard zinn? Robert mcchensney? These people are liberals in the historical context. Moore is a corporate media puppet. Get over it.

Sat Nov 27 2004 8:27 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

OK thats it. You go around continuing to spread BS ill call you on it Concerned American.

A.) Your reference to 9-11 is moot. You use it as your justification for the war. News flash IDIOT. Saddam had diddly squat to do with 9-11. His links to TERROR as you call it were with regional Hezbollah, ZERO threat to the US. Do not bring up 9-11 again when talking about the current Iraq war. It is baseless and emotional drivell you use to contextualize the death of 3000 on Saddams hands when it was Bin Laden... the guy Bush is on record as saying he doesn't think about him often. And the fact that you use 3000 dead to justify killing another 100,000 innocents makes you a sick f'n individual. Your a revenge monger, and your taking it out on the wrong people. Oh and don't try to weazel out by saying your fighting terrorists in Iraq now. Your fault. They weren't there before, they were actually kept in check by Saddam who didn't want them there because he was a bad muslim. The only terrorists in Iraq at the time were not Alquada related in the Northern No-Fly zone area he couldn't control.

B.) Your claims of Germany and France not fighting terrorism in their countries smack of an ignorance i can attribute to a 4 year old. And thats giving 4 year olds a bad name. The French GIGN and German GSG special units were created specifically to deal with terrorism and hijackings and the like. They've been dealing with this the proper way and they KNOW how to deal with real terrorism... not this tripe you call a war on terror. Your chest thumping should be reserved for lower primates, not patriotism.

C.) Your continuing reference to the media as being left is humorous indeed. I've been watching your 'so called' left news since the run up to the war. If the news were REALLY left, there would be scandel after scandel that would not dissapear after one or two news reports. It would hold him to account and make him sweat at every press conference he or his puppet (Fliesher, McClellan?) made! Yet every impeachable offence Bush has made that made a splash in the news has disappeared after a week with no follow up. No reporter dares to ask the real hard questions and all of them always give Bush some leeway or defend his actions. PBS is left. BBC is left. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN are all center right. Fox is blatent right and the tool the white house uses to plant stories that will spread to other networks. Not a single US network offered a voice of dissent in the run up to the war, they all towed the party line. That fact alone tells your their ideoligical stance.

Ahh to hell with it. Maybe we should just invade all the right wingers homes, kill their leaders and convert them all to libertarians. Hmmmmmm, that sounds strangely familiar.....

Sun Nov 28 2004 12:29 AM


I second Mike of the GWN's comments; insightful and apparently well informed (RE: German SGS etc.). I especially agree with the comment regarding the US media, and I would like to add to the string. With respect to media, as someone who does not reside in the States, I would like to say that media from other countries reported on the discrepancies of the post-911 before MM's documentary came out (or possibly conceived). In fact, I saw a similar (and more professional) documentary on the CBC about 8 months before F911 was released. The point is, despite the lack of journalistic integrity of Moore, he raises key questions. ConcernedAmerican speaks of 'blind obedience' when attacking a comment put forth that simply asks one to think critically. This statement is sadly ironic. The comparison to Mel Gibson's 'The Passion' is disturbing for a number of reasons, besides the fact that it isn't a DOCUMENTARY: first of all, Christ's mission 2000 years ago was not to intimidate anyone, nor would it be today (he didn't walk around with an M-60 and a headband). Secondly, to digress, Gibson's "Passion" doesn't actually follow the Gospels, but rather incorporates late 19th elements from a nun who purports to have undergone some strange ecstasy. Finally, sound- and video-bytes are a reality in any reporting, (this addresses the comment about "half the real footage or quotes") and obviously context is sometimes sacrificed in light of this. But when Condoleeza Rice states that there is a tie between Saddam and 911, and Moore does not include the rest of her comments, apologists state that it's taken out of context. Here is the context (immediately following "Oh, indeed there is a tie between Iraq and what happened
on 9/11:") "ItÂ’s not that Saddam Hussein was somehow himself and his regime involved in 9/11, but, if you think about what caused 9/11, it is the rise of ideologies of hatred that
lead people to drive airplanes into buildings in New York" you essentially end up full-circle. To summarize: a) she first states that there is a tie between 911 and SH; b) she then says there's not a direct link; c) she then says that SH basically promotes an ideology that drives one to fly airplanes into buildings. I'm no expert, but I don't think the premises support the conclusion on this one (i.e. a non-sequitur of sorts). Can anyone say 'Thought Police'--Orwell is either grinning his grave in affirmation or spinning in disgust. Incidentally, if one were to actually to support the ideology described by Ms. Rice, the U.S. consititution is supposed to protect them from prosecution. Freedom of thought demands it, and ideology and thought are neither acts nor acts of terrorism. No matter how much one may disagree. Yet, on this the U.S. invaded a nation.


p.s. another irony I don't enjoy pointing out is sickening number of U.S. casualties in Iraq (the Iraqi casualties notwithstanding)--at the current rate, the number of American dead may soon be comparable to the number killed in the 911 attacks, in an ostensible effort to avenge those killed during 911 toward someone who has no ties to 911. Totally f'd. It seems to me that George W. Bush is the biggest threat to Americans in this light. I hope y'all ain't drafted anytime soon.

Thu Dec 16 2004 10:31 PM


Who would Jesus bomb next? In my Bible, nobody went around invading countries and killing innocent people.
Jesus didn't say that anyone who disagreed with him should
shut up and be more patriotic. He questioned the rulers
and the status quo of his time more than anyone. Bush etal
are all marching in lockstep and expect us to do the same.
Yes yes yes Dubya. If we remove ourselves from the world,
and ignore the events and peoples of other countries, then
I would call that nationalism, not patriotism. Isolationism
and nationalism which are leading us to dangerous depths of delusion, fear and war-mongering. The pResident of
the US works for the People, NOT the other way around.

Sat Feb 5 2005 8:46 AM

Ryan Hudziak:

The media is terribly twisted. I recall a release covering how the US Military "bombed a wedding." This caused much distress throughout the world. Little did these people know, the soldiers that were on the ground had come under fire and called in immediate close air support. I'll support with links later. Sometime this just seems rediculous.

There is one thing that i don't agree with in the "war on terrorism." enduring freedom had to deal with afghan. and the al queda. apparently there was some iraqi lt. col. from iraq at a three day meeting with al queda before the planes hit. This ties in "Iraqi Freedom" and everything that is going on there. the only thing the US doesn't have is a distinctive goal that would allow the war to end.

I agree that blind acceptance is dangerous, and that everyone needs to be a critical thinker. Bush is our leader, voted in by the public of the US. He is only one man, who represents us. us, the US. We are probably the strongest country in the world. Our military budget is planned to be over 400 billion dollars this year. We are the best only because we a country that is made up of so many different races and background that our people are very diverse. IF WE DON'T, WHO WILL? IF NOT NOW, WHEN WILL WE?

Sat Apr 9 2005 3:00 AM


Strange how everyone here thinks they have their facts right. I'm not going to attempt to "one up" anyone here because it makes no difference what anyone says on here. If you want to make a difference, get politically involved instead. Write a letter to your senator. Protest. Support. But don't try and prove how intelligent you are to a bunch of faceless internet junkies like me. No one will change their mind after hearing your spineless comments bent on proving how damn intelligent you all are.

Sat Jul 9 2005 9:50 PM


Erin, your comments are the most enlightening on here. Ranting, raving, clicking, and posting are not going to solve any problems any quicker with closed-minded, set-opinioned people reading them.

Get involved politically, if we all can inspire one person to get involved, we'd all be better off.

Think for yourselves, question authority, turn the damn TV off, and go help your neighbor.

Sun Sep 11 2005 3:15 AM

college junior:

I think people fail to realize that Farenheit 9/11 is not a documentary, it is purely entertainment. If it were a documentary it would have never went out on the big screen...which tells me that since it is entertainment and hollywood...the facts of the truth have been stretched beyond recognition. Michael Moore disgusts me as an American, he would rather degrade his country than stand behind it....if he thinks things are so wrong here and we are all liars, oil thirsty and war mungers...then maybe he should leave...I'll buy his plane ticket.

Wed Nov 2 2005 4:45 PM


This is America. We the people elect our leaders. George Bush is our current leader. Stand behind him or shut up and wait around to vote for another leader when you have a chance to. This is it or leave it. Stop the terrorists!

Sun Nov 27 2005 8:58 PM


Both vidoes are surprisingly misleading. If you want to look at the facts, neither is correct enough to give a person an informed impression of the 9/11 attacks, the terroist threat, or any of the other issues identified in the movies. I can say that there is more evidence of error to be found on Moore's film, but Fahrenhype 9/11 does not present enough of this error. There is a very interesting website,
for anyone who may want to read into these errors. I haven't had th chance to check any of the facts yet, but it all seems to be reliable. He sites every source well, and his work is obviously not just an effort to insult Michael Moore.
I do agree with the views that we are only in the war for oil, however. If there was an actual known terroist threat (i.e. we knew that had weapons for a fact, like there was some proof) at the time, then there may have been reason for was, and yes freedom is important, but what is freedom going to worth to the iraqies when more than half of their population is wiped out, and people who don't even speak their language are telling them what to believe and the law they must follow. I know personally that I wouldn't like it very much.
I personally would never want to see my child, or anyone else for that matter, be sent off to war, but that is thier job. That is what they get paid for, and sadly, death comes with was. Wether it is neccisary or not is debatable. Even if we are only in the war for oil, oil is still important. Not something anyone should die for, but atleast we have a chance of getting something out of the war.
It is really hard to say who is more wrong, Michael Moore or the producers of Fahrenhype, but one thing that is for sure is that no matter what the situation is, atleast one person somewhere in the world will disagree or take offense to it. It is impossible to please everyone, becasue everyone has different wants and needs. Stating the obvious, I know, but America will never be 100% satified with Bush or anybody else.

Mon Dec 5 2005 9:01 PM


Bush is the real terrorist!

This message is from New Zealand....not France or Germany.

The WHOLE rest of the world thinks that way...not just France and Germany. Only the cannon fodder (the people from the South US) believe they doing the right thing. How Bizzarre!

Sun Feb 18 2007 10:52 PM

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