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Today is the day...

November 2, 2004 2:29 AM

From what I can tell, the electoral vote polls give Kerry a very, very slight edge. Reps are nervous, and Rehnquist is still at home.

The polls are irrelevant now, the only thing that matters is who votes. You can find your polling place at It's run by the People for the American Way (a liberal organization) so you can be sure you will actually get to the right place. If you have any problems, call (866) OUR-VOTE.

I look forward to changing that blurb on the left very soon!

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Today is the day... (11.02.2004)

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here´s hoping you can change it in less than 15 hours...

Tue Nov 2 2004 5:30 AM

Right Wing Robby:

Nervous is exactly what I was hoping Reps would be today.

Tue Nov 2 2004 6:10 AM

Tom from Madison:

Ernest, steadfast, and resolved sum up my voter-day sentiments.

Progressives appear to be turning out in large numbers in Madison, WI. I got to my polling place at 7:10am--10 minutes after it opened. The parking lot was overflowing. I waited in line 45 minutes to vote. We have machine-scanned ballots that we mark with a black magic marker. After marking our ballot, we put it in a machine which records the vote and displays how many votes have been cast. Mine was number 256. There were MANY in line behind me.

I'm feeling good about this election!

Tue Nov 2 2004 7:14 AM


My wife waited from 7am to 9pm to vote and its been like that all day at our polling station. I vote every chance I am given and this is the largest turnout i have seen yet. I'll be going soon to stand in the misty rain with others to add my counterweight to the insanity.

Tue Nov 2 2004 10:32 AM


I hope that good sense will prevail and
we will get Bush out. But I worry, what
is my world going to look like if I we dont ?
The tension is crushing me.

Tue Nov 2 2004 8:34 PM

iacob from Norway:

This is getting more ond more scary. I can not understand how you;) americans can elect the moron one more time. The world is once again turning into a darker and sader place.

Is there any hope?

Tue Nov 2 2004 11:29 PM


Well Bush wins, looks like you will be deticating 4 more years of hate to GWB. Too bad, you lose.

Can't wait to see Moore have a heart attack.

Wed Nov 3 2004 1:26 AM

Johan Sundberg (SE):

Wrong Joey.
We all lose, and maybe mostly the Americans. This might actually be the end of the USA influented era. For good and bad.

Wed Nov 3 2004 3:47 AM


If starting a war we didn't need to fight over for weapons that didn't exist so that we could torture people we claimed we were saving from torture, while the country plunges into massive debt and the dollar devalues and our rights are stripped away isn't enough for a wake up call...

I'm impressed with the social conditioning for morality and religion as usual. At least now I am sure I don't align myself with 58,238,117 people in this country.

Wed Nov 3 2004 5:27 AM


Where's Jim? No comments? Why so quiet?

I kept checking your site looking for your input, but found none. To busy? To sleepy? To disappointed?

Wed Nov 3 2004 5:28 AM

raging red:

I imagine he's drowning in Newcastle somewhere in London.

Wed Nov 3 2004 6:46 AM

Tom from Madison:

I am glad we had a large voter turnout. I'm disappointed with the result. I don't hate George Bush, just most of what he's done and where he's taking the country.

It's important not to let right-wingers dismiss criticism from the left by saying it's driven by hatred for Bush. In my case it's about missed opportunites, misplaced priorities, and mortgaging the future of the country. It's also about concentration of power and wealth among the priveleged few.

I agree with Johan. US influence is likely to diminish based on mistrust from our allies and former allies.

Wed Nov 3 2004 7:04 AM


Okay, when you start remenecing on how good the Regan administration was... (Comment police arrest me now!)

Wed Nov 3 2004 7:09 AM

The Republican:

Now the question is, can we get together? I voted for Bush as you might guess, but the thing that bothers me the most is that elections lately show the parties moving apart. You/we need to start electing candidates that bring us closer together. I felt the majority of Kerry supporters were not for Kerry, they just wanted Bush out. There were several Democrats that I might have considered but they were quickly dismissed by the Democratic Party because of the moderate views. The Democratic party embrace radical "Hollywood" types as their spokesmen and alienate the moderate Republicans. It’s over and I am glad of that. It looks like Kerry has accepted the outcome without dragging this thru the courts. Its first time I respected his view, and that’s from a Massachusetts citizen.

Wed Nov 3 2004 11:34 AM

Enrique in Hollywood:

I saw the consession speech this morning and I never felt so disgusted in my life. For lack of being able to articulate better words, Kerry just showed the world that he really was weak and a Pu$$y. I am seriously questioning why I even supported him to begin with. Was it because I adopted the "anyone but Bush" mantra, or was it because I honestly believed Kerry was the right man for the job. Either way, talk about being duped. I feel seriously let down by him and the other democratic "strategists" that look as if they couldn't strategize their way out of a paper bag. The Republicans figured out a way to get the "live poor, vote rich" crowd to see their side of the world, the Democrats are just a collection of Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Women, and Hippies that can't seem to agree on aything. It would serve the DNC right get theor act together, develop a national idiology, and take on a strategy that might actually get some of their people elected, not just shots in the dark to see what you hit. With all due respect to Barack Obama, had the republicans actually made a serious play, they would have won that seat too.

Wed Nov 3 2004 12:51 PM


With all due respect, Enrique, I live in Illinois and there was NO WAY ANYONE was going to beat Obama. That man is an intelligent, dynamic and fantastic speaker with a clear ideology that is going to be a STAR in the Democratic Party...

However, I do agree with your "anyone but Bush" philosophy. Kerry wasn't exactly my first choice, but the Bush administration is so ruthless and so evil that it has completely divided this great country. Let's put it this way: if McCain had been running, there would NOT have been this kind of divide in our nation. I'm not a Republican, but I respect some members of their party, like Senator McCain. Hopefully we can somehow try and absorb another miserable 4 years and hopefully see the last of this administration...

Wed Nov 3 2004 1:10 PM

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