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CBS bans church ad to support President Bush

December 1, 2004 12:11 PM

Both CBS and NBC refuse to air the ad which basically says: "like Jesus, the United Church of Christ seeks to welcome all people, regardless of ability, age, race, economic circumstance or sexual orientation." Many other networks are running it.

CBS' justification is stunning: "Because this commercial touches on the exclusion of gay couples and other minority groups by other individuals and organizations, and the fact the Executive Branch has recently proposed a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, this spot is unacceptable for broadcast on the [CBS and UPN] networks."

CBS won't air it because the President wants to ban gay marriage!

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CBS bans church ad to support President Bush (12.01.2004)

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raging red:

I think the key to this whole thing is "by other individuals and organizations." CBS is afraid of the wrath of the Christian right if they are insulted by an ad that essentially calls (some of) them out as bigots.

(By the way, did CBS miss the part where Congress already voted on the amendment and it failed?)

Wed Dec 1 2004 12:35 PM


Wow, CBS forbids a Christian add to be run on its networks and blames it the evil Christian Right wing Republicans. Do they really expect people to eat this line of shit?

Makes about as much sense as the Red Cross congradulating the insurgents in Iraq for releasing their hostages, but wishes they would do so next time with their heads attached.

Wed Dec 1 2004 1:45 PM


Now that it's come out that the Red Cross accused the Bush administration of engaging in activities "tantamount to torture" in Guantanamo, the right-wing fundies are already starting to sling mud at them.

How quickly the dittohead army marches off to war, even against the venerable Red Cross. Just as soon as Rush points out the target and gives them a few talking points, they hit ground running.

These people are sick.

Wed Dec 1 2004 4:17 PM


Too controversial? You've got to be kidding me...

They're totally supporting the whole issue of banning gay marriage by not airing this ad. Their argument for not airing the ad is insufficient and doesn't really bring up a good reason as to why it shouldn't be aired. Hell, even FOX is airing this ad! That's nuts! As a Christian myself, I believe that it's important to accept ALL people, and this ad gets to that point. And the point of the ad wasn't even JUST gay marriage, but race, age, and financial situations.

Wed Dec 1 2004 6:32 PM


Paul I think you listen to Rush to much. As RWR says, I have a job so I don't have time to sit around listened to that blow hard run his mouth. I actually haven't listened to a Rush program in over 8 years and that was because I was in a car with someone who listened to him. How much time do you spend hanging on his every word?

Thu Dec 2 2004 5:54 AM


Well, we're slidinng into the scariest kind of censorship: the kind that notorious dictators have used.
I can't believe CBS even mentioned "the executive branch" in their statement.

Thu Dec 2 2004 8:19 AM


Let's see.... CBS has become a wing of the democrat party... now they've released a statement that plays right into the hands of liberals crying censorship.... Coincidence? Could be, I suppose...

Thu Dec 2 2004 7:41 PM

Tom from Madison:

Let's remember the facts. The ad was for the United Church of Christ--a progressive church. Their ad featured the message that they were a welcoming place for gays, minorities, and those with disabilities.

CBS was wrong not to air this ad. However, their choice not to air it was based not on their liberalism, but on their fear of offending conservative viewers.

As a progressive myself, I welcome advertisements that show Christianity does not belong to the right. There are plenty of liberal Christians around, especially here in the Blue States.

Sat Dec 4 2004 2:12 PM

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