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General Myers' "moral values"

December 1, 2004 12:07 PM

Gen. Richard Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a speech to the Economic Club of Indianapolis yesterday: "We certainly don't think it's torture. Let's not forget the kind of people we have down there. These are the people that don't know any moral values."

Apparently, he wasn't aware the confidential Red Cross report the Pentagon received four months ago was in the New York Times that morning. The report concludes that Myers' military, under his command, used physical and psychological coercion "tantamount to torture" and "flagrant violation[s] of medical ethics" on prisoners at Gitmo.

So it's moral to torture people with no moral values. Got it.

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General Myers' "moral values" (12.01.2004)

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The Red Cross is a bunch of screeching liberal whiny traitors. /sarcasm

Wed Dec 1 2004 1:44 PM


I read the NYTimes article and so far, the only tourture I've read about is this:

"...humiliating acts, solitary confinement, temperature extremes, use of forced positions...exposure to loud and persistent noise and music and to prolonged cold, detainees were subjected to "some beatings.""

The quotes around "some beatings" are in the article, quoting the Red Cross report...

I have no problem with any of the methods listed there being used against terrorists or other enemies of America, with the exception of "some beatings".

But even that isn't explained... did these guys get an open-handed whap over the head like my friends would do to me when I say something dumb? (Almost never happens, btw ;-D )

Or did the guards go at them with billy clubs?

I have a hard time condeming Guantanamo Bay on "some beatings" from the Red Cross report...

Thu Dec 2 2004 7:50 PM

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