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Politicizing Tragedy

January 7, 2005 1:22 PM

From Political Wire:

"Get some devastation in the back."

-- Sen. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN), quoted by the AP, to a staff photographer taking a picture of him before leaving tsunami-stricken southern Sri Lanka.

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Politicizing Tragedy (01.07.2005)

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Right Wing Robby:

Politicizing Tragedy:

Fri Jan 7 2005 3:45 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Ouch...I was all set to hire you, too.

Fri Jan 7 2005 3:51 PM

Paul Stone:

Isn't this the doctor who couldn't decide whether or not AIDS could be transmitted through tears?

Is this why so many people are ignorant with respect to sex education issues?

An anonymous person posted in the comments on this website "So what do you want to teach them - use a condom? Ask any doctor and he'll laugh in your face, people using condoms are called parents."

Of course, this is not the case, but maybe we can thank "doctors" (and I use that term loosely) such as Frist who spread ignorance for the purpose of politics. Apparently, he had to renounce his Hippocratic oath when he signed his neocon loyalty oath.

Fri Jan 7 2005 4:51 PM


Frist is a politician, just as all the other 99 Senators... Does this really surprise anybody?

Sat Jan 8 2005 8:09 AM


I'm sure H. Clinton, T. Kennedy, or even ::gasp:: J. Kerry would never THINK of doing such a thing......

Sat Jan 8 2005 8:10 AM


And your point, Jim, would be...?

Sat Jan 8 2005 10:50 AM


Oh, BTW Jim...I like your dig at "conservative Christians" if your humanism has done anything to help the world...124 wars and conflicts since the creation of the U.N....more than 1600-1945...great job "man" is doing, huh?
heh heh, spare me...

Sat Jan 8 2005 11:02 AM

Tom from Madison:

How about speaking with a little more precision?

It is possible to be both a humanist AND a Christian. Thomas Aquinas and Mother Theresa [to name a few] did that famously.

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and their ilk seem to be the most threatened by "secular humanism". They are also making big bucks off of organized religion--especially the tax-exempt status. There is something unsavory about churches the size of Wal-Mart acting as lobbying organizations or political action committees. If I recall correctly Jesus didn't like money changers in the temple.

Unitarians, followers of the United Church of Christ, Epicsopaleans and non-right wingers of many denominations don't seem to have a problem with humanism. It seems to be the anti-intellectual right that is the most intolerant of humanism.

Sun Jan 9 2005 11:29 AM


Talk about exploiting a tragedy, these people should follow the example of the UN and just fuck the victims:

Peacekeeping troops guarding refugee camps in the Democratic Republic of Congo sexually abused girls as young as 13, giving out scraps of food or money in return for favours, the United Nations admitted yesterday.

A bar of chocolate or two eggs was the accepted payment for sex with young girls. Many were orphans from a war that has claimed more lives than any since 1945. Soldiers continued abusing children even after the onset of an internal UN inquiry.

The investigators reported that many had been raped by gunmen during Congo's civil war. The arrival in the country of 12,000 UN peacekeepers "augmented the problem".

So much for the UN representing a "HIGHER MORAL AUTHORITY".

Wed Jan 12 2005 1:40 PM

Jim Gilliam
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