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Wal-Mart and Kraft celebrate Black History Month

February 7, 2005 5:36 PM

Do you speak English or Hispanic?

Maybe someone should tell the Wal-Mart diversity office that Hispanic is not a language -- then they can teach us about black people.

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Wal-Mart and Kraft celebrate Black History Month (02.07.2005)

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Right Wing Robby:

No Oblay Hispanic.

Mon Feb 7 2005 6:01 PM



Mon Feb 7 2005 7:21 PM

Paul Stone:


Mon Feb 7 2005 9:53 PM


WOW... is all I have to say.

Tue Feb 8 2005 11:31 AM


Wow... hilarious stuff!

Wed Feb 9 2005 9:52 AM


Funny and scary. At least they didn't write "Mexican."

Fri Feb 11 2005 10:49 AM

XxX aka Killzen:

AND..TADAH!!!!!!! Hispanic is not a race either..

Wed Feb 23 2005 6:33 AM

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