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Boston Legal episode about Outfoxed never mentions Fox News!

March 3, 2005 8:21 AM

Next Sunday's March 13th episode of David E. Kelley's top rated drama, Boston Legal, is about Outfoxed

Here's the gist of the story: Chi McBride, the principal from Boston Public, uses the FOXBlocker to ban Fox News Channel from all the televisions at his school. He claims it's hate speech and makes it harder to run the school. The episode revolves around free speech issues and uses actual footage from Outfoxed in several scenes.

Here's where things get a bit ironic. ABC execs freaked out when they saw the initial script which specifically mentioned Fox News and Bill O'Reilly, repeatedly -- it even included the clip from Outfoxed where O'Reilly threatens war protesters in the same sentence he promises not to demonize anyone. A classic "falafel" moment. So ABC ordered Kelley to remove all references to Fox News from the script.

Meanwhile, ABC is also refusing to run this commercial for Outfoxed featuring O'Reilly's shut-ups during the episode.

So in an ABC show fundamentally about the first amendment, ABC muzzles the show's creator to protect a competitor and refuses to sell commercial space for an ad critical of that competitor.

Doesn't really make sense -- but it'll be good for ratings!

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Another example of liberty and freedom of the press for Bush to brag about. No wonder he and Putin hit it off.

Seriously, though, I just don't get why the other TV networks don't crawl all over FOX News. You know FNC would do it - heck, they *do* do it - at a moment's opportunity. Remember Rathergate, the Academy Awards, Janet Jackson?

Thu Mar 3 2005 9:53 AM


"Seriously, though, I just don't get why the other TV networks don't crawl all over FOX News."

ABC/Disney is a typical old-school corporation. The mantra is avoid risk at all costs. For a media/entertainment company, this means avoid offending anyone or being embroiled in controversy.

Fox News/News Corporation is Rupert Murdoch's empire. As an individual, Murdoch is far less risk-averse than a corporation would be. He's really not answerable to anyone, and he's proved over time that his strategy of "hard-hitting" content and cozying up to free market ideologist politicians is the ticket to success (at least for him).

Thu Mar 3 2005 10:49 AM

Sam K:

"Murdoch ...(is) really not answerable to anyone, and he's proved over time that his strategy of "hard-hitting" content and cozying up to free market ideologist politicians is the ticket to success (at least for him)."

Ya, you bet! I just learned that he'd joined the board of the CATO Institute in 1998.
I don't know why that would suprise me, but it does.

Thu Mar 3 2005 2:57 PM

evil conservative666:

Voice of reason here. Don't you realize that blasting Fox News is pointless? It's the highest rated network consistently, meaning that the majority of the country chooses to watch it. You can call most Americans stupid/blind/lemmings all you want. You're within your First Amendment rights to do so. But do you really believe insulting others is going to make them sympathetic to your plight? Forget getting their votes.

Thu Mar 3 2005 6:28 PM

Joshua Montgomery:

It isn't about getting them off the air. It isn't about hating them. It is about fraud. They are NOT fair and balanced, it isn't we report you decide. It is clearly from the right, it is clearly about promoting one point of veiw. If they admit it, we can all move on to more important things.

What is scary is the new CNN show that has replaced headline news in the evenings. It, like FOX News, has little or no journalistic value. Yet another news source going down the toilet. FOX's success is starting influance other networks. Even NPR has moved toward the middle lately.

We just launched a new content management system at foxblocker and are looking for some folks interested in writing the truth about the issues of the day. If you are

Thu Mar 3 2005 8:39 PM


What a waste of time.

Fri Mar 4 2005 4:51 AM


CNN HAD journalist qualities in the headline news segment? I thought those all disappeared in the mid 90s.

Joshua seems scared shitless about the "We report you decide" method, he appears to like the idea "FOX reports and Joshua decides".

FOXBLOCKER? Apparently the namby pandies' fragile mental states can't handle the idea that FOX News is one click away on their TVs.

I had thought Boston Legal was a pretty good show but is seems they are already desperate. They WERE attracting a totally different audience then their strong lead in show, but I guess they need to change the tone to attract the bitter feminist that watch Desperate Housewives (a show I've never watched but I've only missed one episode of BL).

Fri Mar 4 2005 12:08 PM


You are a stupid shill for a bunch of menopausal idiots.

Get a life. Bush won!

Fri Mar 4 2005 11:24 PM


BTW You look homosexual.

Fri Mar 4 2005 11:26 PM

The Fox:

"You are a stupid shill for a bunch of menopausal idiots.
"BTW You look homosexual."

Absolutely beautiful. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Sat Mar 5 2005 12:36 PM

Red S. Tater:

Hey there Mr. Warthog! I ain't seen you over at Newshounds in a while. Good to see that your still carrying that liberal hatin banner high.

So many liberals and not enough time..huh?

I don,t wear birkenstocks for nobody,


Sat Mar 5 2005 3:01 PM


"Even NPR has moved toward the middle lately."

O my, what a shame...... Gee, that sounds like 'fair and balanced.'

Sun Mar 6 2005 5:44 AM

Dana Greenlee:

I run an unofficial Boston Legal website and loved Outfoxed, so when the two universes collided, I was compelled to put up the Outfoxed clip I believe you reference in your blog [and thanks for uncovering this, by the way].

You can see it at Please believe me that I intended not disrespect or infringement. I was just too excited not to ask permission first. If my info is wrong or should be removed, I'll do it. But SO many people need to see what 13.6mm viewers (Feb. 20 ratings) should have seen.

Wed Mar 9 2005 8:20 PM


No, evilconservative, being the highest rated cable news network does not mean it is being watched by a majority of americans. Cable news is incredibly less watched then people tend to think.

Fri Mar 11 2005 11:54 AM


evilconservative - do you REALLY believe Fox News is watched by a MAJORITY of Americans? Because if you do, I have a Beta player I'd like to sell you. "American Idol" isn't watched by a majority of Americans. Neither is "ER," "CSI" or any other highly rated television show. Seriously, douchebag, do you think 100 million people a day are watching Fox News?

Sun Mar 13 2005 8:45 AM


I just checked. No fox stuff on Boston legal tonight here in the Portland, Or. area. The cable here is Comcast, a right wing `christian' company. `Birds of a feather stick together' as the saying goes. The righties protect each other.
McCarthyism is up and running again. No criticism allowed.
Germany in the 30's and 40's under Nazi rule. Today, 2005, Liberal thinkers are enemies of the state!

Sun Mar 13 2005 9:46 AM

Your Day is Coming:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Soon, my enemies,... soon. Americans are finally opening their eye to the propaganda the left has been spewing. They think they are subtle, but we are learning how to discern your propaganda.

From your liberal slant news ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, etc…. to 95% of metropolitan local news outlets, to newspapers like WashPost, LA Times, NYTimes, San Fran Chronicle, to 80% of metropolitan based newspapers, and 99% of the midtown weeklies, to Air America radio, NPR, new FM radio out of San Antonio by Clear Channel, to 80% of FM radio jockeys mixing music and a few words about left wing views, to most Universities and Colleges, to many of the Unionized Teachers in primary, and secondary schools, to the discrimination of Right leaning books at Borders, Barnes & Nobles and not to mention 99.9% of small book stores, to libraries, to Movies made by Hollywood, even Cartoon with left leaning slants, to the countless liberal publications (Time, Newsweek, etc…), to pretty much every aspect of life we are shown through the eyes of the LIBERALS, and they start to cry because Fox news, and AM radio. Now that’s is a control issue I would have to say. I feel like the Left is Big Brother. But soon, those shackles you have placed upon the western world will soon be broken.

Tue Mar 15 2005 12:27 PM


Dear Your Day Is Coming:

Please adjust the meds and read a newspaper, practically nothing you say in your post is anywhere near reality. Your homies are in charge of everything and yet your life is still a living hell, you can't go out of the house or turn on a radio or TV without being bombarded by waves of liberalness? Here's what you do: go to Costco and buy the industrial size roll of aluminum foil and make yourself a hat. Make a bunch of them, in fact, you'll want a dressy one for church on Sunday.

Thu Mar 17 2005 7:10 PM


After coming back from doing my part to make the world safe for a Representative form of Government I find the liberal legacy hard at work.

1st The wasting of the taxpayers time and money with this stupid steroid scandal, getting the government mixed up in what is a CRIMINAL matter! My condolences to the parents who lost their children due to those steroids BUT they are blaming the player when the real blame belongs to the person/people who sold the drugs to those kids in the first place. Also didn’t these parents notice any changes in their children (aggressiveness, acne, weight gain)? My comment is that these poor people are misguided/mislead into blaming pro ball players – it’s like a rapist saying, “Well, she wanted it, look at the way she was dressed”

2nd Terri Shiavo, Does anyone out there know the meaning of the word MURDER? If you don’t here it is: ( the unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice. –OR- To kill brutally or inhumanly.

Answer this question Does the Shiavo situation fit either of these two definitions? Does the thought of taking TWO WEEKS to die… does this do anything to any of you? Why wait, put a pillow over her face and get it over with. Does the man who calls himself her “husband” actually deserve the title? How could he with the help of none other then the ACLU, in good conscience torture his wife to death?

This is what the PRO DEATH culture has brought us to, we kill millions of unborn babies simply because they are inconvenient and now we can kill those who cant or are unable to express themselves, why don’t we do the same to everyone living in sanitariums? This woman is not hooked up to any machine to keep her alive – no respirator, dialysis/kidney machine, just a plastic bag that gets replaced every so often.

Where is John Kerry on this? Didn’t he say if her were president he could make Chis Reeve walk? Where is John Edward on this, he’s made his life on those who cant defend themselves.

She (Terri) reacts, by now you’ve all seen the video on TV – she doesn’t fit my definition of a vegetable!

The left bends over repeatedly to protect the rights of: murderers, child molesters, rapists and yes TERRORISTS yet this judge saw fit to condone government sanctioned murder of one of its own citizens, giving the Congress of the United State the finger and make it possible to have her feeding tube removed WHY? Because she is useless? Because her husband has gotten a sizable amount of money from the courts for her care and all of a sudden he REMEMBERS his wife would never want to live like that! Or maybe she’s a thorn in his side because he’s moved on to another relationship and has 2 other children by another woman (never mind the fact he’s still married to Terri).

The left elects to positions of power people who were part of the KKK and think nothing of it. They say they defend minorities yet when some one from a minority elevates himself he is shot down because of a comment taken out of context. (I especially liked the comment from Sen. Kennedy}

Somewhere this judge decided to wipe his ass with “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are LIFE, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

If he (Shiavo) no longer loves this woman or wants to move on with his life why doesn’t he pass control of her care to her family?

This is one of the FEW times I actually AGREE with the government imposing itself in private life.

What about the little girl in Florida who was finally found dead close to where she lived and the monster confessed to her killing he’s going to get “3 hots and a cot” yet what about her rights? Her right to her next birthday, her first kiss, to become a mother, to be able to contribute something to the world?

In 1997 the Iraqi government offered the lead UN weapons inspector at that time 2 MILLION dollars to (in a sense) look the other way. Yet Saddam had/has no WMD.

Do you see what’s changing in the MID-EAST? Elections are sprouting all over, freedom is starting to take hold, and this is the end of the beginning, all thanks to: the Cowboy, the idiot, the President of the United States George W. Bush

Sun Mar 20 2005 12:01 PM

Dave E.:

You've got a little froth at the corners of your mouth there, mr. raving lunatic.

Never mind that your king, Mr. Bush has no opinion on life if you can't afford your life-sustaining care:

If you can't pay, you're simply ended.

But I guess in that case, it doesn't fit your grandstanded idea of the definition of murder. In fact, I guess that definition only applies when it happens to people that evoke your sympathies. All others simply deserve it.

This hypocrisy sounds like political opportunism to me. That's been GOP memo'd to death and that's why we waste Hill time for something so seemingly like a local, personal decision. It's a perversion of representative governing in its most concentrated form, and you're on hook, line and sinker. It still amazes me that we murder ourselves in this country in incredible numbers and not a peep out of any of the supposes moralist authorities, but certain instances with certain circumstances causes a massive upswelling of righteous indignation and moral superiority that swallows up all those that feel needed to be guided and led, sans rational, reasoned thought. Really, if you think liberalism is the scourge of the earth and has only ever benefited murderers, rapists, child molestors and terrorists than you should be addressed like the clown you sound to be from here on out. Read a book between your ignorant seething rages against the invisible liberal forces coming in the night to steal your soul.

And by the way, your first mistake is thinking you bare the cross of responsibility for making the world safe for anything, cheeto - that presupposes an awful lot.

Sun Mar 20 2005 11:28 PM

Dave E.:

Truthfully, anyone that gets caught up in the media's Shiavo Mockery of All That is Sensible with an opinion that loyally trails the GOP here exposes themselves as truly thoughtless lemmings. The more I read about this supposed outrage displayed by those that protest comfortably in the name of - laughably - the preservation of life, get accorded full ass clown decorations. It makes me wish being manipulated and stupid was painful.

Thank njguardsman for volunteering to be first in that club on this website. All donations of advil and tylenol can be sent to exit 16.

Sun Mar 20 2005 11:51 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

Dave E: welcome to the deranged world i've had to deal with since the beginning of my time here at Jim's blog. NJ lives in his own world devoid of fact or rationale.

NJ, im glad your back safe and sound from the front lines doing whatever it was that you did for making the world 'safer' (whatever that means). You spewed alot of venom in your post. I will only assail the pertinant ones, ill leave the domestic issues to other (abortion and euthenasia).

Your second last point regarding the girl in florida actually makes zero sense. You seem to be mad about something yet i dont know what it is. You say '3 hots and a cot'. Ummm, he's caught, will be convicted and given life or the death penalty. This is the justice system at work. Your screaming about her rights; but in what context? Yes, she's dead. Yes she wont enjoy the rest of her life. How is any of this anyone elses fault save for the criminal. It almost looks like your trying to blame liberals and i cant see the correlation. Your point is vague and moot. Whatever your point was, is either lost or was never there.

Your second last remark about the 97 weapons inspectors being offered money to look the other way. Im calling you on this. Back it up. Give me a link. Give me a news article. This sounds like a weak ass attempt to try and get around my primary argument against the war. You still try to insinuate there is WMD involved with Iraq without coming out and saying it directly. Its bordeline pathetic actually. Methinks you needed a bigger comb while you were over there.

Lastly, your comment regarding 'changes' in the mid-east going towards democracy. What a sham. Let me put it as clear as possible. IF there was TRUE democracy in the middle east, the US would be the big loser. Your gov't will NOT allow real democracy in that region because it would go against your interests. Iraq's elections are being contested, whole ethnic groups a fractioning away, the country is headed for civil war, womens rights are worse than under Saddam, there is no security at all. Saudi Arabia's elections were a pitiful show to put up the venear of democracy. No women vote, no real positions contested, monarchs still rule. The palestinians are doing everything on their own,with Abba's doing his best to reign in militants. How long he keeps this up will depend on Israel's compliance with pullouts and settlement removals. This has nothing to do with the US 'spreading' democracy to the middle east.

And yes the Cowboy, Prez W Bush, is still an idiot.

Mon Mar 21 2005 8:51 AM

Mike of the Great White North:

From the Blog. I think this is classic.
“To Put Him Out of His Misery”
It's a good thing the natural right to live doesn't apply to people who live across water from here, or the Schaivo Right might have to start opposing war.
According to MSNBC:

"WIESBADEN, Germany - A U.S. Army tank company commander told a military court Wednesday that he shot a gravely wounded, unarmed Iraqi man 'to put him out of his misery,' saying the killing was 'honorable.'

Taking the stand for the first time, Capt. Rogelio 'Roger' Maynulet, 30, described the events that led him to fire twice upon the Iraqi, maintaining that the man was too badly injured to survive.

“'He was in a state that I didn’t think was justified — I had to put him out of his misery,' Maynulet said. He argued that the killing 'was the right thing to do, it was the honorable thing to do.'

"Prosecutors at the court-martial say Maynulet violated military rules of engagement by shooting an Iraqi who was wounded and unarmed.

"Maynulet is being court-martialed on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder in the May 21, 2004, killing near Kufa, south of Baghdad. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and his lawyers have argued that his actions were in line with the Geneva Conventions on the code of war.

Just because the Predator Drone footage shows the man was waving his arms around, doesn't mean he was alive at the time he was put out of his misery:

"An Army neurosurgeon, Richard Gullock, testified that it was unclear from the surveillance footage whether the driver was alive or dead at the time of the shooting. In the video, the man appeared to be waving his right arm before the first shot.

“'I am aware there can be similar movements in someone who can be considered clinically brain dead,' Gullock said.

"However, a second neurosurgeon, Lt. Col. Rocco Armonda of the Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, countered that the pattern of the man’s movements in the video 'indicate he was alive.'”

If only he had just dehydrated the guy to death.

Wed Mar 30 2005 2:49 PM


Just to let you know that I think the website is great and I wish you all of the best for the future.

Fri Jan 27 2006 8:20 PM


I just watched an episode where the characters refered to "an empiric victory"... what the heck is that? I think they meant a "pyrrhic victory"... The fact that this got through the writing stage, and then that none of the actors picked it up proves to me that liberals are idiots.


Fri Mar 24 2006 12:14 AM

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Thu Jun 15 2006 12:31 PM



An "empiric victory" in the legal sense is one where the remedy satisfies the law but not the expectations of the plaintiff... Alan didn't win an empiric victory (he still lost) but the plaintiff's victory was empiric insofar as no jail time was ordered (as might have been hoped for by the IRS) and the fine, however small satisfied the decree of law.

In context, this could be considered a "positive outcome" (read: victory) for Alan and his client.

On the other hand a "pyrrhic victory" is one where the loss to the victor is so great as to detract significantly from the feat of winning. Not relevant in the context of this episode.

Least we cast criticism into the wind... ;)

Thu Jul 13 2006 2:59 AM

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