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Name for new company

March 15, 2005 4:11 PM

We've got 7 finalists for the name of the new media company.

1. Brave New Films (John L)
2. Grassroots Films (Jim Tomich)
3. Outfox Media (George Lakoff)
4. Progressivision (Sarah Feeley)
5. Truth2Power Productions (Dadler)
6. Uncompromised Films (Earl Katz)
7. WeThePeople Productions (Nessim Watson)

I really like Brave New Films. What do you think?

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Yeah, Brave New Films. Short and sweet. It has a positive connotation, but also references Orwell.

Tue Mar 15 2005 7:15 PM

Right Wing Robby:

My Suggestions:

1) Fox Obsession Productions
2) Making money off liberals productions
3) Cut and Paste Media Corp.
4) No WMD media
5) BlueState Films
6) Obstruction productions
7) RightWingRobby Media Corp.

Tue Mar 15 2005 7:25 PM


duh... I mean Aldous Huxley.

I never read Brave New World. I did read 1984, which should be required reading for all Americans.

Tue Mar 15 2005 7:26 PM


How about?

Haplopia Media
Project Dreamlight
Seven Foot Media
No-spin Media
Reality Media
Bush Lied, People Died Media
Culture Wars Media
Transparent Media

Tue Mar 15 2005 9:26 PM


i think you should buy your domain for before someone does.

Tue Mar 15 2005 10:31 PM

Jim Gilliam:

someone already owns the .com...looks like since 1999, but isn't using it... i scooped up the .org and .net before posting about it.

Wed Mar 16 2005 9:49 AM

raging red:

I really like Brave New Films, and I don't really like any of the rest. Of course, Obstruction Productions DOES have a nice ring to it, though it sounds like RWR's suggestions were too late.

Wed Mar 16 2005 5:01 PM


I like Uncompromised and Brave New Films.

Wed Mar 16 2005 6:29 PM


Liberal policy.,3604,1439312,00.html

Thu Mar 17 2005 4:45 AM


Does this look like an open thread?

Fri Mar 18 2005 11:35 AM


Did Jim appoint you editor of this site? Or have you decided you are right for the position?

Fri Mar 18 2005 2:52 PM


Do you always answer a question with a question?

Fri Mar 18 2005 3:16 PM

Tom from Madison:

My suggestion:

Loofah Bill Square Factor Films

Fri Mar 18 2005 8:17 PM

Tom from Madison:

Here's a serious one:

Out Right Liar Films

Fri Mar 18 2005 8:25 PM

Tom from Madison:

OK if I have to pick from the list I say Truth2Power wins.

Right now we live in a time where right-wing idiots are denying the facts as a display of loyalty to the President. Bush will go down as the greatest propagandist ever elected. Our hope as a nation hinges on the truth getting out. If there isn't power in that, the American experiment has failed.

Fri Mar 18 2005 8:39 PM


Brave New Films. The others simply lack a ring--except Outfox Media, that sounds good. Still, Brave New Films has more weight...

Sun Mar 20 2005 8:56 AM


I like Progressivision and Brave New Films...

Grassroots Media would be nice, too. (As opposed to Grassroots Films.)

Sun Mar 20 2005 10:44 AM


Yes. Brave New Films. Bold. Positive. Broad.

Tue Mar 22 2005 8:29 AM


I like Uncompromised Films.

Sun Mar 27 2005 1:27 PM


Brave New Films is my favorite with Progressivision a close second.

Fri Apr 1 2005 12:29 PM

Steve K.:

Oooh, Progressivision!

But Brave New Films is cool too. And less cheesy, right?

Sat Apr 2 2005 12:17 PM

Nick Ciske:

Brave New Films is my vote

Sat Apr 2 2005 1:06 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Cool. We're going with Brave New Films.

Sun Apr 3 2005 7:37 AM


bongload movies

worked for Beck.

Mon May 2 2005 3:33 PM


the name grassroots films has a website already at

they are doing some great stuff in Brooklyn, New York

Sat Oct 1 2005 12:24 PM



now iam starting a new concern.

want to a new company name?

Thu Oct 20 2005 4:33 AM


dirty pretty things

Tue Jul 11 2006 12:02 AM


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Thu Jul 13 2006 10:11 PM


vida guerra playboy

Mon Jul 17 2006 5:30 AM

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