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Praying for Google juice

April 12, 2005 10:11 PM is an incredibly well-thought-out evangelistic search engine optimization firm: “These vortals are built and positioned as expert sites in the top search engines and will maintain top positions because of the sophisticated algorithmic structure and more importantly... your prayers! Please join us in praying that GOD would build HIS wall of truth on Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN using this new technology.”

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Praying for Google juice (04.12.2005)

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This is from the AllAbout God Search Engine:

"All indications are that homosexuality is a choice. Making a choice is a decision in the mind that too often originates in the heart from feelings. However, laws and moral standards are not set in place based on feelings or emotions. The solid foundation for our laws and standards are based on God's principles."

The first sentence is what struck me. I put the rest of the paragraph in for context.

What is interesting to me is how this conclusion is delivered with such certainty and lack of any scientific basis. ["All indications are..."] Clearly the authors have disregarded a substantial amount of science in order to perpetuate their world view.

Seeing this kind of website operationalized gives some clues into the cultural divide facing the nation. No wonder the Bushies have a such a hard time with the scientific community.

Wed Apr 13 2005 4:55 PM

Tom from Madison:

The above post is mine.

Wed Apr 13 2005 4:55 PM


I just spent a whole email war arguing with someone that the scientific community is in agreement that global warming exists and is most likely caused by human actions. The logic expressed by my opponent in the argument was so inferior, that I can only conclude that there is no hope.

Science is dead, may it rest in peace.

I await the rapture.

Thu Apr 14 2005 12:12 AM


Global warming is so last year. This year we are worried about the 2004 MN4 asteroid that is expected to nearly miss, astromically speaking, the earth on Friday the 13th, 2029. If it misses us then the Koreans think it might get us a few years later.

Thu Apr 14 2005 7:16 AM

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