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New BBS documentary released under Creative Commons

June 3, 2005 2:15 PM

Woohoo! Another documentary has just been released under a liberal Creative Commons license.

Here's a kind of rambling, but inspiring essay from the filmmaker, Jason Scott, on why he chose to release his 5 1/2 hour documentary, and 4 year labor of love so that anyone can remix and sample it.

It's especially great, because the audience for a BBS documentary is very tech-savvy, and already knows how to download movies online. So he's put a lot of effort into creating a package that can't be easily duplicated in digital form. A $50, 8 hour 3 DVD set.

Kudos, and here's to hoping more documentarians will contribute their work to the commons, for the benefit of future filmmakers and audiences.

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New BBS documentary released under Creative Commons (06.03.2005)

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