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No Cruzin' For Bill O'Reilly

June 7, 2005 1:20 AM

When I learned of the Thomas More Law Center's exclusive 8 day cruise with Bill O'Reilly, I was ecstatic at the opportunity. I had visions of being lost at sea with the O man....until I saw the dates... the *exact* week of the Wal-Mart film premiere!! NO! My plans for telling him all the feelings he has awakened within me at the special $250 VIP cocktail reception (limited to only 100 passengers) were dashed! Certainly, with the very important cocktails available, I could have worked up the courage to say.. "Sir, my name is Jim Gilliam." They can't throw you off a ship while it's actually at sea... can they?

But now it doesn't matter, because, it appears everyone else had a conflict with that week too. They must have all signed up to host a screening of the Wal-Mart film. Sadly, the Thomas More Law Center (where you can learn that American are more religious than Europeans!) had to cancel the cruise due to lack of interest. Sadly, Bill still commands quite a sum (those settlement payments can suck a good man dry!), and the finances just weren't gonna work out for the Center.

Big thanks to the exceptional reporting from dear friends, Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly, for this shockingly terrible news.

And if you need a Bill fix.. here's a highlight reel for ya.

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No Cruzin' For Bill O'Reilly (06.07.2005)

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Tom from Madison:

Occasionally I'll surf into Bill's show during a commercial break when Letterman is on. He always seems to be angry. It seems Bill ought to go on a cruise by himself even if no one wants to share his feelings on American Values.

Also, what's with all the name calling? Last night he was referring to people who protested [many silently] the Governator's speech at a 2-year college commencement as "morons". Bill didn't elaborate on why that reference was used. Bellicose name-calling isn't a trait I normally associate with being "fair and balanced".

Thu Jun 16 2005 4:20 PM

Jim Gilliam
Jim Gilliam


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