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Introducing Evil Smiley (aka Wal-Mart)

July 12, 2005 12:11 PM

Please allow me to introduce you to Evil Smiley, aka Wal-Mart. As you are all aware, we are making a movie about Evil Smiley, but I am sad to say that, well, all the attention has turned him into a bit of a diva.

First, he set up his own website where he "plots to destroy the world, research his targets, and generally just brag of his incredible accomplishments." Oy vey!

Seriously.. I ♥ Wal-Mart? But it gets worse. Now he's demanding we tell people about his catch-phrase contest. Apparently, while his ego knows no bounds, his creativity is somewhat lacking. And since Isaac Mizrahi won't return his phone calls, he's turned to the movie producers to give him a great catch-phrase or slogan. Please help us out here.. Evil's very angry with me right now and for all I know he could go smash up a couple of towns. The contest runs until July 27th. He's got us under contract to use the winning slogan on t-shirts and various schwag. We'll be sure to send the winner some cool stuff, for you know...saving my life.

He's also obsessing over all the local community groups that are fighting (and beating!) him day in and day out. He's catalogged a lot of them here, but wants to hear about any others.

And despite all this, the film is still coming along very nicely. Thanks to all of you, we now have a title, Robert's working feverishly in the editing room (leaving me to deal with Evil! Argh), and the distribution side is going gangbusters. You're already planning over 1600 screenings! And many people are having screenings on multiple days throughout the week. It's amazing, and very exciting. But don't let up! We need many many of them to handle the capacity. With Outfoxed and Uncovered, all the screenings sold out, and we had to turn people away, so keep pushing!

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Introducing Evil Smiley (aka Wal-Mart) (07.12.2005)

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Jason Looney:

We have a Wal-Mart moving in near us:

And check out their "commitment to people":

Tue Jul 12 2005 4:29 PM

Stephen Hand, Editor

Good luck. We share your grave concerns. Just as American farmers were bought out after the Great Depression---their sufferings exploited---by big business, so now small businesses of all kinds, all over the world, are being swallowed and hounded by Wal-Mart.

Stephen Hand

Sat Jul 16 2005 2:58 PM


Greetings from a Long Island-based field producer who, despite best intentions, has neither seen nor heard any clear-as-a-firebell counter-Wal-Mart actions being taken in Nassau or Suffolk Counties (New York) at this time. Since you have noted already that Mr. Greenwald is in post with the movie, I apologize for offering little more than this: a good chunk of the Long Island populace is hooked on the several Wal-Mart stores already here. (I heard rumblings about one coming to Queens County as part of a large development project, but not much beyond that.) Trying to empathize with their customer base here is a hard thing to do, even if you're a Unitarian Universalist (as I am) and believe in everyone's dignity and worth. For now, my emotional mindset on the matter equals that of the undervalued British filmmaker Peter Watkins.

But I _have_ made a donation, in order to obtain the DVD (all-region, please?) and plan a screening for the UU congregation I belong to. A decent enough start?

Philip David Morgan

Wed Jul 20 2005 1:52 PM

Dart L:

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog looking for information on Wal Mart and free speech issues. I'm a Seattle comedian doing a benefit show for a local town trying to resist a new Wal Mart store - and being silenced by their own city council. You can see info on this at

I've seen both your previous movies and will be eagerly looking forward to the next one.

Fri Aug 5 2005 9:03 AM

Jim Gilliam
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