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It's not her name.. it's that she was a CIA agent, dufus!

July 12, 2005 10:39 AM

Media Matters points out that it doesn't matter a hill of beans that Karl Rove didn't leak Valerie Plame's NAME, it was that he leaked she was a CIA agent. A google search at the time easily identified who Joseph Wilson's wife was, it just didn't mention the fact that she was a COVERT CIA AGENT.

Frogmarch his ass.

UPDATE: Scratch that.. don't just frogmarch him, Sirota points out he should have his security clearance revoked immediately.

UPDATE 2: Sign the letter to President Bush... "Keep your promise: Fire Karl Rove"

It's not her name.. it's that she was a CIA agent, dufus! (07.12.2005)

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"Andrea Mitchell was asked, on MSNBC, whether it was generally known to news people, before the hullabaloo, that Ms. Plame worked for the CIA. She answered, somewhat reluctantly, that it was."

Tue Jul 12 2005 3:05 PM

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