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Bush is at "pre-coup" approval numbers

August 25, 2005 11:43 AM

Cenk, one of the very funny hosts from the Young Turks radio show, points out that Clinton's approval rating when he was impeached is exactly double what Bush's is right now. 72% vs. 36%. Cenk calls those "pre-coup" numbers. I like that.

In other words, let's stop talking about how much the common man likes George W. Bush. We don't.

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Bush is at "pre-coup" approval numbers (08.25.2005)

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Right Wing Robby:

As soon as democrats win an election, any election, Ill believe the will of the people are behind them.

Thu Aug 25 2005 11:46 AM

Dave E.:

Nobody cares what you believe anymore.

Thu Aug 25 2005 3:43 PM

Tom from Madison:


ALL the reasons for having this war have been disproven. Some people knew they were lies from the beginning. Others took a while to catch on. Apparently, you're still not getting it.

Here in Madison, we're AHEAD of the curve. Russ Feingold was re-elected in 2004. So was our Representative Tammy Baldwin.

Republicans are going to have to hope that their constituents don't know the facts. They're also not likely to look to Karl Rove for guidance either.

5 years of Republican rule has turned peace into war and prosperity into debt. Americans won't vote for more of the same.

Mon Aug 29 2005 12:21 PM

Tom from Madison:

RWRs election pronouncement inevitably leads to a question: Just how did the Republicans achieve all that electoral success?

"As soon as democrats win an election, any election, Ill believe the will of the people are behind them."

Herea are some strategies:
1) Actually elect people whose companies design the voting machines, e.g. Chuck Hagel.--interesting that he's questioning the war now.
2) Exploit the partisan Secretary of State position in Ohio and Florida for Republican gain. Bush got Florida's electoral votes in 2000 largely because of Katherine Harris's partisan intervention. A similar story played out in Ohio in 2004.
3) Corrupt re-districting as practiced by Tom DeLay in Texas. This practice is being replicated elsewhere.
4) Suppression of voting in urban areas.

Bottom line: Republicans cheated a variety of ways in different locales. They did so in different ways in different places.

Tue Aug 30 2005 11:52 AM

Dave E.:

Salient points, all Tom.

I'd also add, Hackett's tremendously strong showing in the reddest of red Ohio electorates is the bellweather for 2006. If that election were held just two weeks later, Hackett is the winner. Plus, GOP governorships are mired in scandals all over the place. Their party is imploding under the weight of its own corruption. Kinda hard to muck this up, even for the Dems.

Mark the words: Congress goes back to the Dems in 2006. And once they get committee chairs back, you can bet they'll be some official investigations held about this abhorrent Iraq debacle. The last two years of the medieval Bush era are gonna be really really ugly. Karma is a bitch.

Finally, here's to hoping for safety and swift recovery for the Gulf Coastal region nailed by Katrina. Donate to the Red Cross now!

Tue Aug 30 2005 3:21 PM

joe welnack:

I don't believe these lies!! O'Reilly did a poll on his TV show on the FAUX news network and his poll's show that the President enjoys an approval rating of 99.999%. This is the same approval record that Sadam had prior to the war when Baghdad Bob had his show.... Sometimes I think that Baghdad Bob and O'Reilly out to team up the way Hamnity and Colmes do on their show. Baghdad Bob and O'Reilly both produce such accurate polls that I think they would be a natural.

As a matter of fact, I believe that FAUX is working on a documentary to prove that Katrina was caused by Bill and Hillary Clinton!!

Mean while, an Imam appeared on the 700 Lashes Club on Al-Jazeera T.V. and he said that Katrina is the wrath of Allah for the Bush war on Islam. Probably another crazy con artist working his suckers for money. Everyone has their own brand of snake oil. Pat, what caused this disaster, the whoring and gambling or the Clinton's?? Before commenting make sure you get your own lies in order.

Tue Aug 30 2005 9:43 PM

Dave E.:

From a 2001 article on a potential (at the time) Hurricane landing on New Orleans:

"the Federal Emergency Management Agency ranked the potential damage to New Orleans as among the three likeliest, most castastrophic disasters facing this country.

The other two? A massive earthquake in San Francisco, and, almost prophetically, a terrorist attack on New York City."

Even though it'd be nice to see the Lousiana or Mississippi National Guard doing one of its most primary jobs, almost 50% of both are deployed in Iraq.

But despite the fact that Dear Leader was too busy strumming a guitar today to even feign a modest pass at what leadership really is (he can't even do the appropriate politico maneuver and pretend to care - total prick!), now is not the time for politics. After all, Dear Leader cut his five year...five month...dangit!...I mean, five week vacation short by two days to travel to...Coronado, Ca. doing his modus operandi of speaking in front of a largely military crowd.

And after watching the C-Span feed, even they looked pretty goddamn unenthusiastic about being there, almost like they had to look happy about pulling weekend duty, aka 'the dirt' (ahh...memories).

On second thought, considering our Dear Leader's continued, absolute fumbling sideshow of How To Be An Effectively Incompetant Leader That Consistently Looks Totally Unprepared and Ill-Equipped To Lead A Cub Scout Troup, Let Alone The World's Last Superpower, maybe accountability for the sake of those dying slow deaths while scant help exists to mobilize because everyone's deployed and $71 million in disaster preparedness funding was cut (but not those precious tax cuts for the wealthy, during a time of a "war on terror" that Dear Leader compares to the Great World Wars...but I sure don't see any rationing of any kind...).

Yeah, this is definitely getting political. For damned good reason.

We may have just lost a major metropolitan area.

And unfortunately, I don't think this is an overstatement, based upon what I've read. But we're overextended in an occupation designed to line the pockets of the already sickeningly wealthy under the guise of Freedom.

Disgusting. I mean shake your head in total disgust. I don't even necessarily blame partisan politics on this. After all, as the saying goes, "people get the government they deserve." This is a structural culture issue.

Wed Aug 31 2005 4:21 AM

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