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Cancer Giggles

August 31, 2005 8:59 PM

I just found this blog. It's from a guy with terminal cancer, and it is absolutely hysterical.

"All things are possible - ok, maybe not probable, but I still do the lottery."

I go in for my lung biopsy tomorrow morning... you can find out how it goes on my step mom's blog. I'm excited to finally find out whatever it is that I'm going to find out.

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Cancer Giggles (08.31.2005)

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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow.

Wed Aug 31 2005 10:35 PM

Maggie (Jim's Step-Mom):

If there were an academy award for dark humor Cancergiggles would certainly be a winner.

Here's my favorite...

"Even at this early stage, my best mate was asking me to sort out his PC because he didn't want to leave it until it was too late. It lightened the conversation but I knew the bastard meant it."

Wed Aug 31 2005 11:31 PM

Dave E.:

You da man Jim. BE the biopsy.

Thu Sep 1 2005 12:16 AM


Sending you good thoughts from Maine. Glad to see the blog from your step mom. Fondly, Madeline

Thu Sep 1 2005 10:32 AM


This is only my second post ever on a site but I wanted to send you my thoughts and prayers. Love, LS

Thu Sep 1 2005 3:32 PM


Always wishing you the best Jimbo.

Thu Sep 1 2005 5:24 PM

Tina Cameron:

I recently underwent treatment for breast cancer (mastectomy) Whilst in hospital we had a lot of laughs. There were 5 in my ward, we had 7 breasts between us! We thought up a name for a breast cancer girl band Keep a Breast, all the staff had a good laugh at that. But the most fun was when we had to go and be measured for our softie (1st false breast) that the fun really started. I was size 1 with some stuffing taken out, which just rubbed salt into the wound but my new friend 2 beds down was a 5 (they only went from 1 to 5) it was so big she thought it was a dog bed! Anyway on the day she was fitted her daughter visited her and said why is your bra on the bed Mum she said we have new boobs"look here's mine" at that 1 fell on the floor and her daughter said "oh 1 on the bed the other on the floor no change there then mum" That lightened the spirits of the room.

Sat Nov 19 2005 8:16 AM

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