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O'Reilly's after us AGAIN

August 29, 2005 10:37 AM

Today's NY Daily News:

Last week, in his "Talking Points Memo," O'Reilly angered the director of "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" by comparing him to Islamic suicide bombers and believers in the Third Reich. [Watch the video]

"O'Reilly has simply lost his mind," Greenwald, who is Jewish, tells us. "I demand that O'Reilly apologize." He also challenges O'Reilly to "a real debate on the issues, not his silly name-calling."

Is O'Reilly game? "Why would we book a has-been like Robert Greenwald on cable's highest-rated program?" says a Fox News rep. "We wish him well on his road to extinction."

Says Greenwald, whose latest target is Wal-Mart: "O'Reilly continues to hide behind his microphone."

Now, I understand why O'Reilly might be scared of me. After all, I tower over his measly 6-foot-4-inches. But Robert Greenwald? He's a foot shorter!

Let's have it Bill, The Irishman from Boston vs. the Jew from New York.

UPDATE: Robert responds on the Huffblog.

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O'Reilly's after us AGAIN (08.29.2005)

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Tom from Madison:

O'Reilly exemplifies the chicken-hawk, neo-con right.

He advocates for war, but doesn't participate and certainly won't make monetary sacrifices himself to fund this fraud-laden exercise.

He's also a bully. Like most bullies, he's a coward. He shuns real debate for good reason. He has come off as a boorish fool in the few direct encounters he had with Al Franken et al.

His show can be entertaining. Simply listening to the rants of a deranged lunatic has it's moments--especially when he introspectively refers to his "reportage" and journalistic standards!

It's totally absurd to hear him and his Fox counterparts to continue to report on the lack of news coming from Aruba. The stench coming from the White House is getting hard to ignore. So are Bush's falling poll ratings, but O'Reilly steadfastly keeps reporting on everything but the "bad news".

It's definitely not funny that he spreads lies and dis-information. Fewer of O'Reilly's kind on the air could have prevented significant loss of life. There's nothing funny about that.

Wed Aug 31 2005 10:39 AM

Right Wing Robby:


CNN LARRY KING 2,991,000
CNN ZAHN 2,455,000

Wed Aug 31 2005 10:40 AM

Jim Gilliam:

Incredible, huh? Everyone tuned in to see if O'Reilly would step into the ring with Greenwald! And instead, they got stuck watching Katrina.


Wed Aug 31 2005 12:37 PM

Tom from Madison:

The scary thing is that some people regard higher viewership as PROOF of journalistic integrity or factual accuracy. Pat Robertson commands a large audience--yet I certainly wouldn't take his word as, well, GOSPEL!

If you believe ratings are evidence of truth, you're a propagandist's dream. The problem is eventually lies catch up with everybody--including Bill O'Reilly, Karl Rove, and George W Bush.

Wed Aug 31 2005 5:48 PM

Tom from Madison:

Katrina seems to have brought out the true OGRE in Bill O'Reilly. He keeps insisting that poor people who didn't leave New Orleans shouldn't expect anyone to help them. Yup, he's blaming the victims!

Apparently he believes that America is a meritocracy where everyone always gets what he/she deserves.

This is an odd position for a Christian / Catholic to take. The Bible is full of references to helping the poor, the infirmed, the needy, the sick,...

Does Bill O'Reilly really think it's righteous to proclaim he's not his brothers' keeper?

Thu Sep 8 2005 9:34 AM

Dave E.:

O'Reilly is quickly marginalizing himself with this one.

The second coming of Morton Downey Jr.

Thu Sep 8 2005 3:52 PM


I caught part of O'Reilly's broadcast last night. He was bashing MoveOn again. He leads with broad-brush, unsubstantiated attacks on the loony left and concludes if MoveOn is finding fault with FEMA, there must be no basis for the criticism.

Besides being a bizarre example of specious reasoning, O'Reilly is demonstrating how out of touch with reality he is. Instead of dealing with issue at hand, Bill would rather change the subject to liberal bashing.

When MoveOn and Republicans are both calling for the SAME REFORMS, THAT'S A STORY!

Apparently it's not a story Bill O'Reilly is comfortable talking about!

Fri Sep 9 2005 11:36 AM

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