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"a group of kids did this"

September 25, 2005 1:52 PM

Sony is finally releasing a re-recording of Fiona Apple's exceptionally brilliant Extraordinary Machine next month. Here's Rolling Stone on what happened when she found out about the grassroots campaign Free Fiona:

Apple was stupefied. She hung up, shuffled to the back room of the apartment and said, "Mama, have you heard of these Free Fiona people?" She was laughing at first, but then came the tears. "It was happy crying," she says. "I said, 'Mama, they're so organized and they care so much. They don't even realize I'm sitting here watching Columbo in my bathrobe!'"

Not long thereafter, Sony agreed to let Apple rerecord Machine on her own terms. "I believe them when they tell me that they're very excited about putting out the record," she says. "But I won't kid myself into thinking that's the only reason this is happening. A group of kids did this, and I think they deserve credit. I've also been waiting so fucking long to thank them. I'm so in awe of people who care that much about anything that they organize like that, and I think it has to be known that it actually works. This whole thing gives me a great deal of enthusiasm for not just my job but for the way that life works. Doing things for the right reasons, based on your principles, gets you really far."

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"a group of kids did this" (09.25.2005)

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Mike Davis:

Its really an awesome thing.. once again shows that record execs know absolutely nothing about music and fans :)

-- Mike

Sun Oct 2 2005 6:33 PM

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