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Anti-Iraq war protests just getting under way

September 24, 2005 12:12 PM

C-SPAN is covering it live right now. The march (route) starts shortly, and there will be a concert in a few hours (with Le Tigre!) Here's the full schedule for the weekend.

Wish I could be in D.C., or even at the L.A. march. But marching is one of the things I can't do right now, so I am with you in spirit.. blogging from bed.

UPDATES 9:13am (all times PT): Le Tigre closes the concert out at 9pm tonight.

9:27am: The metros are all jammed up. Organizers are expecting 100K people, but the DC police chief is planning for a lot more.

9:30am: Counterprogramming: SegwayFest is in DC this weekend. I guess I could have rented a Segway and taken my oxygen tank out for a spin. That would have been interesting.

10:49am: Why do they all have to yell so much? Sigh.

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Anti-Iraq war protests just getting under way (09.24.2005)

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So answer me something, cause I'm curious...

How come when a congloberate of liberal groups (anti-war, anti-globalization, enviromentalists,etc) gather in DC like today, the best political show anywhere near DC is Al Sharpton...

... The first thing that comes to mind of similar proportion on the Right side of things was Justice Sunday in which the Senate Majority Leader Frist was the headliner.

Is it just me, or do liberal politicians seem to stay away from their base more than GOP politicians?

Sat Sep 24 2005 10:43 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

For all who think that everyone must walk lock step in toe with the president on all matters.

Mon Sep 26 2005 5:36 PM

Tom from Madison:

"Is it just me, or do liberal politicians seem to stay away from their base more than GOP politicians?"

It's just you. Russ Feingold is very close to his base. He's independent, in touch with his base and a very serious threat to all things connected to Bush.

The middle of the country is sick of what Bush has done--i.e. wasted tons of $ and provided a vision for unending war.

Peace through strength,competence, and honesty is a platform people would embrace in a heartbeat--especially in the heartland. Feingold would off that. Forget about Sharpton, think Barack Obama.

I'd also like to see dems offer a home to maverick republicans who seem to be at odds with their party. Olympia Snowe comes to mind. Also Jeffords might be recruited.

Mon Sep 26 2005 6:10 PM

Jim Gilliam
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