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Starbucks at risk in Iraq

September 15, 2005 12:19 PM

Last night's O'Reilly Factor: (video)

Bill O’Reilly: The truth of the matter is our correspondents at Fox News can’t go out for a cup of coffee in Baghdad.

Condoleezza Rice: Bill, that’s tough. It’s tough. But what — would they wanted to have gone out for a cup of coffee when Saddam Hussein was in power?

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Starbucks at risk in Iraq (09.15.2005)

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Starbucks pays more for health insurance then they do for coffee beans. They will be out of business everywhere if that doesnt change.

Fri Sep 16 2005 9:59 AM

Dave E.:

Screw starbucks...GM's (any of the big 3 really) health insurance yoke is a much more dire problem.

I gotta say...the clip of O'Reilly's interview I saw showed me a borderline responsible interviewer. He dutifully pressed Rice on his legitimate point (still no security in Baghdad) and followed up with his initial question when she started with the standard ridiculous talking points (world's better off w/o Saddam).

Needless to say, for the standards I'm usually used to seeing him acheive, the portion of his interview I witnessed was pretty solid. Certainly doesn't make me an instant fan or anything, but I think it's definitely noteworthy.

In fact, I'd say that Fox overall has taken a markedly different tone with its political coverage since the pathetic Katrina recovery effort. It may be conflation given Bush's free fall in popularity (finally, the smelling salts are kicking in), but regardless, I think this is hugely significant.

Significant in that the market tends to spot trends, then exploit them.

Now a rhetorical question:
When Fox News begins getting critical of Bush, Iraq, and the GOP establishment in general, what does that signal?

Fri Sep 16 2005 1:33 PM


Yeah, screw starbucks. Screw Walmart. Screw all big companies, then go complain about unemployment rates.

Fri Sep 16 2005 5:25 PM

Dave E.:

Have you ever been laid off?

Fri Sep 16 2005 10:22 PM


Most hiring isn't done by the big companies. It's done by the small-to-mid-size businesses.

The big companies specialize in the eternal layoff-and-hire cycle.

Sat Sep 17 2005 2:36 PM

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