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Brave New Movie Distribution

October 31, 2005 6:38 PM

Great article from Rebort at iofilm about the Wal-Mart film and how we swing at Brave New Films:

Greenwald's web site has become a model for self-distribution practices in the internet era. The web site is the distribution equivalent of a swiss army knife: it works as a platform for running the PR campaign, a gathering point for debate on Wal-Mart, a place where people can gather materials to put on their own neighbourhood screenings ($10 a screening), a notice board for new screenings, and a store where users can buy DVDs and merchandise. Anyone can order DVDs in bulk at wholesale prices and any website can earn $5 a sale by posting a Wal-Mart affiliate link, just as iofilm has.

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Therese Spaulding Hunkapi:

I saw the Wal-Mart movie. Plan to buy it and show it to my friends and community. Thank you, thank you for doing this body of work. Really helps those of us who are trying to educate about these practices.

I wanted to know if you have come into contact with The People's Movement for Human Rights Education (PDHRE). I saw Shulamith Keonig speak about "Human Rights is a Way of Life" and she spoke about the creation of several Human Rights Cities who ratified the laws of Human Rights which override the laws of their state or country. SHE WAS AMAZING and would make an EXCELLENT FILM SUBJECT and I think this work would be of interest to you. Their web site is [email protected] phone 1 212 749 3156. They are located in NY.

Thanks for sharing your work with me. Really appreciate it.

Sat Feb 18 2006 10:12 AM

Kenny Mann:

Read your note with interest. I know SHula and worked with her and other human rights acitivists to produce a handbook on human rights erducation called THE PEOPLE'S REPOERT - IT JUST CAME OUT. I ahve just finished editing a documentary film I made in Senegal about a human rights org. there, and the human rights city of Thies!

Just thought I'd let you know...

Kenny <Mann

Fri Sep 29 2006 1:27 AM

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