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Dick Cheney involved in Plame leak?

October 11, 2005 8:43 PM

It just doesn't stop. The Huffblog says both Bloomberg and the WSJ are working on stories that Dick Cheney is the special prosecutor's target.

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Dick Cheney involved in Plame leak? (10.11.2005)

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I just got a little shiver. :-)

Wed Oct 12 2005 12:12 PM

Dave E.:

Where is all this 'justice' talk coming from, all of a sudden? Such an alien feeling...

Wed Oct 12 2005 2:38 PM

Tom from Madison:

...with liberty and justice for all.

Progressive patriotism is on the march!

Wed Oct 12 2005 3:28 PM


With all this justice talk you would think there would be some mention of the Sandy Pants recent conviction. But I guess concern for justice only looks to the right, with the blind eye looking left.

Then again, stealing secret documents to cover up
massive failures isnt that important to liberals.

Wed Oct 12 2005 6:32 PM

Dave E.:

What an inciting buffoon.

Thu Oct 13 2005 1:17 AM

Tom from Madison:

Next on the docket: Bill Frist gets to explain his "blind" trust to the SEC.


Thu Oct 13 2005 11:21 AM

Dave E.:

Well...we still have over a thousand days to go with the American Taliban.(Barring impeachment, of course. Fingers crossed).

It's also nice to see that hypocritical "we don't have a litmus test" GOP talking point getting deep six'd. That one really got my goat.

Thu Oct 13 2005 2:19 PM


happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jim....happy birthday to you!!!!!!

Fri Oct 14 2005 11:09 AM

Tom from Madison:

And many more!!!

Fri Oct 14 2005 1:07 PM


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM! The big old 28!
Have a wonderful relaxed, healthy birthday.. ;-)..

and as Tom said, and many more!

Fri Oct 14 2005 4:01 PM



Sat Oct 15 2005 11:24 AM

Tom from Madison:

I certainly wish the Iraqi people the best. I'm glad that they are voting, but voting in an election in the middle of a civil war is not doing much to empower the Iraqi people.

Some very serious questions remain:
What difference will Iraqi voting make?
How many have died since the US led invasion began?
What happens if the majority of Iraqis vote to create an Iran style Islamic Republic?
What if the Iraqi majority wants America out?
What happens to US built military bases?
How long will the current state of civil war continue with associated loss of life?
How will the cause of Iraqi women be served by the election?

Many have suggested that stability in Iraq may be 5 or 10 years away. I say it's time to stop viewing the Iraqi war in terms of US political objectives. It's time to see Iraq through the eyes of the people who have to live there.

Right now it's not a pretty picture.

Mon Oct 17 2005 9:52 AM

Tom from Madison:

My apologies for allowing Anonymous to change the subject.

Whatever is happening in Iraq is no justification to avoid prosecuting Bush Regime criminals at home!

Freedom's on the march!

Mon Oct 17 2005 9:55 AM


If you had your way, they wouldnt be voting. Everytime you say how wrong the war is, you should also say you would prefer Saddam to be in power. Cause you can have it both ways.

Mon Oct 17 2005 11:37 AM

Tom from Madison:


you couldn't be more wrong. There were many other methods at the disposal of the US for removing Saddam from power.

We didn't need to replace Saddam's torture chambers with US, private contractor-run torture chambers.

We didn't need to enrich a small number of privately run US firms with the spoils of this war.

We didn't need to invade at the time we did and with such a US-dominated coalition.

We didn't need to kill so many Iraqis and destroy so much infrastructure, thereby creating disease and killing even more.

We didn't need to lie about WMDs.

We didn't need to back the likes of Chelabi and undermine our own credibility.

We didn't need to fire trusted military men and replace them with the likes Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld.

If we hadn't done all of the above, we wouldn't have given so many Iraqis legitimate reasons to fight American occupation. However, we ceded the moral highground, put ourselves and Iraqis in danger, and dramatically reduced our status as a voice of moral clarity in the world.

Mon Oct 17 2005 5:47 PM

Tom from Madison:

Back to the topic at hand...

Apparently Karl Rove has contingency plans in the event he is indicted. That's a GOOD THING!,9171,1118313,00.html?cnn=yes

Once again, Freedom's on the march!

Mon Oct 17 2005 7:44 PM

Dave E.:


I was waiting for the day somebody grew a conscience. Even if it was to save their own skin...but this will help put the whole seedy underbelly in proper perspective. A nice blast of sunshine to identify and squash all the big cockroaches who thought they were above the law.

(Hope the link works; cut/paste wasn't working).

Tue Oct 18 2005 5:11 PM


I do apoligize to everyone, I did want to leave a comment on just the Wilson's story in VF, but for one reason or another it would not allow me to do so.

As a wife of a now three time deployed solider, these "discussions" if that is what you can call them, make me ill.

First and foremost, I would never in a million years take the word of someone who has named themselves on this blog..Someone that fucked your mother..that shows such originality and charm, how long did it take you to come up with that one? Second, we all just need to step back a moment and look at one thing at a time, and breath.

Let's be real for a moment and not quote "soundbites" that you kids caught on CNN today while sitting at Starbucks chatting with your friends about how wrong this war is in Iraq and that is all based on a lie. Remember that this government was founded by the people for the people, people who are failable. People are not perfect, far from it, do not expect everything to be perfect and rosy here in America, between all the left and right talk, we are getting no better than those we are to be desposing of.

You have to realize something, that the reason we can not win the war in Iraq is because of you all that are opposing it. Everytime a politcal figure makes a statement, those who are truly uneducated about all the facts take the soundbites they hear and demand that we stop doing this or that in Iraq. We have to treat them with respect when we arrest them, no form of tourture can be used, therefore now Iraqis would rather be arrested by US Troops, they are each given a bed, three meals a day, time each day to pray, some beleive it or not even have access to emails. My husband is now serving in one such prison and he speaks often that the only way to get information from an Iraqi prisnor is to threaten or give them to Iraqi police, because they are allowed to use torture on these war prisnors. We are not enabling them to fight the war they need to fight to win. We have 19 year olds staging protests and trying to stop our troops weapons and supply's from getting to Iraq. And 19 year olds also fearcly fighting for what they beleive in accross the globe. I see such an embalance. This is not the sixies, protests didn't stop the war then either. Although everyone has the right to their opinion, which I beleive strongly in, I feel that you must make an educated statement when it comes to matters of the world and war. You, myself, thousands of those men and women do not have all the reasons why we are there. The government can not possibly tell the world everything and expect to win. They are there because they signed on that dotted line and knew that one day this could happen at any moment. This is not an oath taken lightly for most. There are the few that did it for the money or the college money and never thought it could happen to them, because today's youth think they all lead charmed lives. We live in a spolied country. This is not the country I was born to and it certainly is not the one in which I want to die in.

As to the point of the Wilson's. Mrs. Wilson is a true American and any other that can question her devotion to this country, is without a doubt more ignorant than most. She put her life on the line for everyday of 18 years for the greater good to our country. she put herself in danger, lead secret lives that you all read about in novels, no sorry see in movies. She was an expert in her feild and apparently very good at it to have gone this long without ever being caught as an NOC. Do you have any idea what dedication, courage, and love of country that takes? When she told her soon to be husband she was with the CIA, I grant you that her timing was not good, but even in the contract she signed you are allowed by law to tell your spouse of your occupation, and only your spouse. He certainly kept it a well secret. So, they in no way outted themselves. The two adminstration officals that leaked the information to Mr. Novak must look at themselves everyday and try to comfort themselves by saying that they didn't know it was illegal to out an CIA operative. Mr. Novak is the one that leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Yes, as a journalist you have certain obligations, but when does the obligation to hurt your government come in? He had no right or reason other than to hurt Mr. Wilson to uncover that information that he received, that and his mug on the news for a few days after. There was no reason for it. Even if they felt Mr. Wilson's report to the Vice President that the Vice President denys knowing anything about until much later and after the fact was not sound. I am not one for cover ups most are media driven and have no real bearing, and I don't much think that this was one either to hurt Mr. Wilson. There is more to it than that, but now it doesn't matter at all. Because these three people broke a cardnial rule. One that anyone with half a brain would know that you never under any circimstance out a CIA operative, especially one that is the wife of a former Ambassador! CIA operatives are a rare breed and if our own government can not protect these people and who they are then perhaps we are what they say? Perhaps our country is not so great, perhaps we need a slap or two in the face to get us back to the state of mind that our government and our country will always be great and a wonderful world of oppurtunity. So, let's not just piss it all away shall we? Let's instead respect positions of power, yes still question them, but respect the fact that you in all the years of your life, mine and most will never know and can never know everything there is to it, because that can not win a war. Handing over names of operatives puts this country and more soliders lives on the line.

Instead of stopping supply trucks to stop the war, support the war. If we leave now all the lives were lost for nothing. If we stay and stick together and support them, we can finish the mission and be victorious. My husband wishes to thank those that support what he does and those other brave souls he stands with day in and day out. He questions those who want to stop it, because of your lack of facts and what he sees up close and personal everyday. There is a very small fraction of those soliders who question it, yes, that's true, but ask the rest and they know the reason they are there is to save lives not take them. What they do allows you all to live the life you live, so I would rather you just thank you, study some history, perhaps mirror history a bit, take pride in our country, and in yourself.

Sun Mar 25 2007 6:14 PM

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