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The wheels are about to come off...

October 21, 2005 10:20 AM

Political Wire has a good round-up of IndictmentNews.

If you've been expecting charges against White House officials in the CIA leak case, you might be wondering what's taking so long. News this morning suggests the scope of special prosecutor's inquiry is much wider than previously thought.

According to the Wall Street Journal, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald "may be exploring whether to charge White House officials with revealing ordinary classified information... Lawyers and others close to the case say he may be piecing together a case that White House officials conspired to leak various types of classified material in conversations with reporters," including Valerie Plame's identity "but also other secrets related to national security."

The New York Times says Fitzgerald is also considering "perjury, obstruction of justice and false statement" charges -- "counts that suggest the prosecutor may believe the evidence presented in a 22-month grand jury inquiry shows that" Karl Rove and Scooter Libby "sought to cover up their actions."

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports White House officials are nervous and "the surreal silence in the Roosevelt Room each morning belies the nervous discussions racing elsewhere around the West Wing."

Why? The AP notes the White House's defense is "crumbling" as more is known.

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Here's a tid bit about the "Prosecutors Prosecutor"

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely told WABC Radio's John Batchelor that during a 2002 conversation with Wilson while the two waited to appear on a TV show, Wilson casually mentioned that his wife worked at "the Agency."

since he's gone public, Gen. Vallely says prosecutors have yet to contact him.

Now, with four witnesses on the record saying they knew what the Wilsons' neighbors didn't - and two of those witnesses coming forward even before the Leakgate investigation began - it's beginning to look like Mr. Fitzgerald deliberately ignored critical testimony that would have compelled him to close up shop well before he ever got to Mr. Libby.

Wed Nov 9 2005 4:31 PM

Dave E.:

A link to "newsmax", NJ? sends out a newsletter on a frequent basis to subscribers, but the newsletters frequently comprise solely of an advertisement instead of any news, with subjects like:

* Ready to Make A Lot of Money?
* Revolutionary System Detects Market Panic
* Secrets of Republican Millionaires Revealed
* Templeton: Housing Bust Is Coming
* Urgent: Trillions of Dollars to Leave Stock Market
* The Next Home Run Stocks
* Do You Make These Mistakes with Women?


To further blur the line between "news" and advertising, is not ashamed to intermix a news story with a paid advertiser. For example, in an August 1, 2005 emailing to subscribers, writes:

Breaking News from
Bush Takes Omega-3 Every Day; Declared 'Fit'

President Bush is in near perfect health. Doctors released results of his annual physical, and also revealed that the president takes an omega-3 supplement every day. Dr. Blaylock recommends this "miracle" fatty acid as a "must have" for anyone who wants to defeat heart disease, beat strokes, and prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Find out about Dr. Blaylock's "Omega-3 Miracle" - Go Here Now.

Now NJ, my last question is, do you pick this rag up in the aisle of the local kool aid store or just put up with getting their newsletter automatically filtered to your spam folder?

The only outlets reporting this complete fabrication are the GOP tin horns. It's not the evil liberal media, it's a completely untrue smear not cutting the most basic of journalistic standards.

Cite a source that doesn't drool over Bush being a paragon of fitness while using this "news" to simultaneously sell Omega 3-miracle, and maybe my objective inclination would consider your post something other than laughable.

And while I happen to be were asking about polls some time ago? How bout a poll from your very own Faux Commentary Channel:,2933,175184,00.html

"The key to understanding Bush's rating is not the fact that 84 percent of Democrats disapprove or that 72 percent of Republicans still approve — they’ve been polarized for a long time," comments Opinion Dynamics Chairman John Gorman. "The real problem for the president is that self-described independents now disapprove by a 58 percent to 26 percent margin. The 'rally-the-base' strategies that have worked so well for the administration are not likely to win back the independents the Republicans need to return to parity. The question is whether they can develop an approach that wins back independents."

And the doozer quote of the story:

"Similarly, slightly more think Democrats (35 percent) rather than Republicans (30 percent) have the most ideas for solving the country’s problems, though one in five (22 percent) thinks neither is offering solutions."

Oooh...that talking point is dying now, too. The curtains to the stage are raising on your icons, exposing them for the naked charlatans that they are. If wingnuts weren't so inherently responsible for how fucked up this situation is, I'd almost (almost) feel sorry for you guys. But I don't. The GOP comeuppance is long overdue, and well-earned.

Fri Nov 11 2005 2:02 AM


Go to and tell me how many "pop-ups" you get, or at the top of the page look at the banner for CITI.

Go ahead, bad mouth those news organizations you dont like - so be it but its the truth weather YOU like it or not.

If libby is smart (and he is) he going to subpoena the world he's going to bring in any and all people who wrote anything concerning this witch hunt and then the left wing idiology will/should/I hope, will be stripped naked for all to see!

All you are is full of hate, you hate so much you manufacture things inorder to achieve your ends and to hell with the truth, to hell with the law, to hell with the will of the people(ther're stupid, they didnt know what they were getting).

You want the troops out of Iraq?! OK, so do I, as soon as their work is done and not ONE NANO SECOND B4! and while you're at it show me the time table for the withdrawl from: Germany, Japan, Korea and any other overseas location I didnt note here.

Since this "Libby" trial is supposed to be because of National security where's the outrage for the press "LEAK" of the covert jails the CIA has in other countries now were/are not those agents in danger?!?!

Be consistant take your side to task, I'll be waiting.

To those of you HAPPY VETERANS DAY you deserve it you know who you are! May GOD keep you in his tender care and protect those who have taken up the cause of freedom so that future generations may live in paece and harmony.

Fri Nov 11 2005 12:56 PM

Dave E.:

Once again, you deftly (albeit unknowingly) refute your own points.

You bring up CIA black sites and God/Freedom/Peace all in the same posting? Okay, here we go...

CIA black sites: a shining beacon of freedom and democracy; promulgating the cause of freedom across the globe. Freedom on the march, carrying electrically charged metal scrotum clamps and just a rarin' to waterboard the next brown guy sold into our custody because he pissed of a village warlord.

That was not a leak...that was a whistleblower. Big big difference. You can bet Cheney, the guy that loves himself the torture so much he actively lobbies against 90 senators trying to pass anti-torture legislation, is behind these. That pesky legislature, always getting in the way of the neoconservative agenda.

As for consistency, GOP bigot Trent Lott was the one calling for investigations. Where was that call for the outing of a CIA NOC? Somebody said something about consistency? The GOP gets investigation happy when torturous, illegal prisons are justifiably exposed, but a CIA NOC gets outed and it's nothing but crickets? That silence speaks volumes for who's culpable here.

Cause of freedom? GOD? Peace and harmony? Where does torture, rendition, and holding the uncharged in perpetuity fit into those? And wingnuts dare to talk about consistency...?

Good place to segue.

I'm not full of hate; I'm full of outrage. Any reasonable person would be outraged when they see this administration systematically destroy the basic, decent tenets upon which this nation was built.

Indeed, hardcore wingnuts are the ones full of hate. The M-W definition: "Hate. 1 a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury." Wingnuts have a monopoly on all elements involved there. Demonizing other Americans and making the word liberal pejorative, using religion to measure patriotism, having a viewpoint completely entrenched in ideology to the point of blindness, the good of party over the good of country, fabricating this "culture war" to score votes...all based in fear, hate, and anger. Check, check, and check. All appealing to the lizard brain emotions.

And for what it's worth, I actually agree with your credible observation about mass media and advertising. Thanks for bringing up the argument for PBS and mass media regulation. You saved me some time.

Fri Nov 11 2005 2:08 PM


There you go promoting rites under our law for those that are not American and guess what those monsters gathering dust in Gitmo can rot there, good for em'!

I got a question for you why don’t you ask the victims of the terrorists how they feel OH that’s right I forgot THEY DONT HAVE ANY HEADS, why don’t you ask those people who were at a wedding in Jordan how they feel oh that’s right they're DEAD, talk about treatment.

How many prisoners total (best guess) do we have and compare that to the number of so called "Abused". Go ahead tell me how big and bad we are.

You're REALLY good at condemning U. S. for what you think is wrong or illegal BUT you have nothing to say of those who perpetrated atrocities on U.S.

We worked it your way for about 20 years and what has it gotten us? Allow me to refresh your memory: USS Cole, Kobar Towers, bombings in Africa, the hijacking of a cruise ship were a man was thrown over the side because he didn’t prey to the right god. Need I go on?

Yeah sure, keep undermining the President, keep undermining the military, you go with McCain in making a law to cover these monsters with the: 5th, 8th & 14th amendments from the constitution so that the slip and fall crowd (lawyers) can actually sue members of the military for doing their jobs.

Go with Ted Kennedy who loves taxes for other people but only paid <1% of his considerable wealth, he also OWNS a oil company (not has stock) but yet campaigns against drilling for oil.

These are your Icons, you can keep them.

If I’m off topic so be it, my last post ended with a message to Vets and it was not political it was heart felt and made in humble honor to these who wear a military uniform or were at one time part of our nation’s military

Fri Nov 11 2005 7:48 PM

Dave E.:

(I actually heard a cuckoo clock ringing while reading that post).

You don't have a clue what you're talking about. This country hasn't done anything close to "my way" for any amount of time.

But...what the hell...let's do things your way.

Who needs those ridiculous human rights. Nobody gave any rights to those the terrorists killed. Human rights? Flush'em. Might makes right. It's unilateral all the way, from here on out baby. Screw those 60% of Americans opposing Bush that clearly don't deserve to be called American. Underminers. Enablers. Throw them in GITMO to rot, too. Probably a lot of brown people in that 60%, so just as well. Probably some of the hardest of the hardcore terrorists somewhere in there...collateral damage is just a part of war. And this is a war time president. And we're at war. You can tell by the record profits at big oil.

O'Reilly is openly hoping San Francisco gets "blown up"; Pat Robertson threatens Dover, Pa. with the wrath of God; NJ thinks human rights only apply to Americans. They're all just brown people 'over there' anyway, they all look like terrorists. They all look guilty.

Fuck it, let's just nuke'em.

Happy veterans day wingnut.

Fri Nov 11 2005 8:53 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

Bravo Dave.


As far as i see it... we never have to 'condemn' terrorist actions because its inherently repulsive, yet we still do anyways to every act of terror. But condemning them is pointless. Terrorists do things that terrorize. Its that simple. So don't ask Dave or me or anyone to why we have "nothing to say of those who perpetrated atrocities on U.S."

The biggy here is that they're bad, and your good. It should be universal. But for that to apply, you have to be better than them. And im not talking militarily here. Its your actions and your deeds that define you. And what do i see? A country that flagrantly ignores human rights, breaks geneva conventions and constantly tells the world how to live, with US interests at the forefront.

Terrorists dont respect rules. They're bad. The US is ignoring rules.. what does that make you? Terrorists cut off peoples heads. They're bad. US troops torture, sometimes murder prisoners. What does that make you? Terrorists use car bombs to destroy building and maim. The US uses white phosphorus chemical munitions to raze Fallujah, a city with about 80-100,000 people left in the city when the siege began. What does that make you?

See, in the world of public opinion, you operate and behave at precisely the same doctrine level as terrorists. Only you're the good guys, because YOU say you are and YOU own your audience. The rest of the world doesn't watch FOX so we see different.

Your supposed to be better than them, better than that. The second you stoop to their level to beat them, you become what you intended to destroy.

So why not just bomb yourself and be done with it.

Fri Nov 11 2005 10:47 PM


Well dont that beat all I'm called a racist for wanting to protect my country! It does not matter what color they are(and I resent you for the inference) - if they want to blow up innocent people who do nothing but go about their lives I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT and I have taken an(military) oath to that effect. If that mkes me no better then they so be it.

Of course not you never have to condemn anything done to the US by anybody, organization, or religious fanatic (YES that include Pat Robertson)! Tell me what part of the geneva conventions allow for the decapitation of prisoners? What part of the geneva conventions allow for the killing of children - these monster set out to do just that and you lump America with them!

Amswer me this do you think that Bush set out to intentionally killed innocent people?

Again with the oil, OK WHY are gas prices going down (if its not from fixing storm damage) if its true what you say why should big oil drop prices do you think they're actually "scared" of any backlash from consumers?

"for that to apply, you have to be better than them" well lets see did the US drop a MOAB on Mecca in 2000 that no one has found out about yet?

"The US uses white phosphorus chemical munitions to raze Fallujah, a city with about 80-100,000 people left in the city when the siege began. What does that make you?" it makes me a soldier doing my duty to defend my country against those who would seek to destroy us, take rites away from 1/2 our population, and take the ability away from those like Mr. Gilliam to have a place where we can things like THIS!
You will not be satisfied until someone drops a suitcase nuke on a major American city, I and those like me are here to do are best that that does not happen.

Sat Nov 12 2005 5:16 PM


Has Bush announced for 2008 Yet?

Sat Nov 12 2005 5:18 PM

Dave E.:

The above post was brought to you by:

Dr. Blaylock's "Omega-3 Miracle"! Look as fit and trim as President Bush in just two weeks!

Sun Nov 13 2005 10:18 PM

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