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Beauty is something to be learned

November 25, 2005 2:23 PM

Paul Bloom asks the question "Is God an Accident?" in the Atlantic this month. He also did an interview and compared scientific and religious worldviews:

"Someone who has a scientific worldview can actually get more appreciation from nature than someone with a religious worldview. I don't want to say this in an offensive way, but religious explanations are typically very boring. They're uninspired and they end very quickly. When you look at the actual facts of how the Grand Canyon was formed, and you look at the actual nuances of Darwinian evolution, it's far more interesting, far more beautiful, than what you find in the Old Testament and the New Testament."

Indeed... the more I learn about what we've been able to figure out about our world, the more mysterious, beautiful, and awe-inspiring the whole thing becomes.

Bloom's article makes the case that our brains are actually hard-wired from birth to believe in creationism, and that "a large part of science is demolishing common sense."

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I couldn't read the article, but I completely agree with the excerpt you posted. In college, as a born and raised Catholic, the real appreciation of "God's Work" came to me during an Archaeology class. There is nothing more beautiful and wondrous than the knowledge of evolutionary history -- of what it actually took for the world as we know it to exist.

Wed Nov 30 2005 12:28 PM

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