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Measuring success

November 16, 2005 3:03 PM

LA Times today on the Hollywood/Silicon Valley culture clash:

In Hollywood, where you're only as good as your last hit and projects flounder for years in "development hell," signifiers of where one stands in the pecking order take on added significance. A good table at a hot restaurant, a conspicuously expensive car or a roster of assistants are about more than bragging rights. They telegraph success.

In Silicon Valley, who's on top is just as fiercely watched. But with a few notable exceptions, the ways of strutting one's stuff could not be more different. In an industry that prizes innovation and collaboration, it's de rigueur to dress down, drive an energy-saving car and set up your own computer equipment simply to show you know how.

My brain is incapable of understanding how the latter could possibly be compared to the ridiculousness of the former.. which is probably an indicator of which group I fall into, geography notwithstanding.

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