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Salon: "impressive .. powerful .. grimly mesmerizing"

November 2, 2005 10:30 PM

Unbelievably great review in Salon: "What makes the movie so powerful is the totality of the portrait, both in its details and its sweep. Most of these people are entirely unexceptional Americans from the working class or lower-middle class, believers in flag and country and God and capitalism, not left-wing activists or academics with some theoretical critique. Most of them believed in Wal-Mart, too, and were genuinely horrified to learn that its low prices depended on enforced poverty, whether theirs or somebody else's."

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Salon: "impressive .. powerful .. grimly mesmerizing" (11.02.2005)

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I'm delighted to hear the news but not at all surprised. As I told a co-worker who asked me about the movie yesterday, any movie made by Robert Greenwald and, especially with Jim Gilliam (yes, I added that), is sure to be outstanding.

As you probably know, my community is holding a screening in our community auditorium. It's our biggest venue (about 250 seats) and I'm sure it will be filled. In all likelihood, there will be a second screening in the not-too-distant future as well.

Thu Nov 3 2005 2:17 PM


Really looking forward to it.

Fri Nov 4 2005 1:07 PM


Did you mention Hillary was on the board of Walmart for 8 years? I don have to see the movie to know you left that out.

Sat Nov 5 2005 1:05 PM


Again, how will the queen of socialist healthcare square this with her service on the Wal-Mart board? She can’t both be in favor of national health insurance and claim Wal-Mart is bad for forcing people into government-funded health plans. She cannot be the compassionate progressive who wants healthcare for all while also having accepted substantial dough from Wal-Mart; dough that could have been used to pay for employee insurance. As with the labor issue, no evidence has yet surfaced to show Hillary made an attempt to broaden Wal-Mart’s health insurance policy.

Sat Nov 5 2005 1:06 PM

Jim Gilliam:

I'm no fan of Hillary.

No, it's not in the film, but only because it's not relevant. When you see the film -- and I *know* you will ;-) -- you'll see what I mean.

Sat Nov 5 2005 7:43 PM

Tom from Madison:

i can't wait to see the film!

If Mr Anonymous wants to make a film regarding the hypocracy of Hillary, bring it on!

On the other hand, he might inadvertently be pointing out the hypocracy of Wal-mart. What are they doing taking advice her? Shouldn't conservatives be boycotting Wal-mart? What kind of corporation would have her on their Board?

Tue Nov 8 2005 9:59 AM


Well see in 08 how against her you are.

Sat Nov 12 2005 1:40 PM

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