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Lung transplant committee votes yes!

December 22, 2005 5:19 PM

Now I can exhaaaaaaaaaale! :)

I'll be on the list as soon as the insurance companies give the okay. It's already been pre-approved, so there shouldn't be any issues, it's just a matter of waiting I don't know how long.

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Lung transplant committee votes yes! (12.22.2005)

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i know we don't know each other from adam, but i literally have prayed for you every time i saw a wal*mart logo, truck, commercial or store.

that's the best holiday news yet jim!

Thu Dec 22 2005 6:18 PM


I'm so happy and relieved for you!

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and was so saddened to read about your recent health issues. I've been thinking of you all day and am so happy to hear all is a go (or almost a go). Insurance should be a piece of cake after all you have been through recently.

What a wonderful Christmas gift.


Thu Dec 22 2005 6:20 PM


congrats if anyone deserves it you've got to be up there on the list

Thu Dec 22 2005 6:35 PM


JIm - So relieved and happy for you. Madeline

Thu Dec 22 2005 7:57 PM


Wonderful, just wonderful.

Thu Dec 22 2005 9:02 PM


:D awesome. On a note similar to bobbie's, I found your blog courtesy of a friend who is also fighting cancer tooth-and-nail. Originally became interested in your politics but when you posted about your health, it just made me want to check in here more often -- hits close to home in many ways.

Congrats and keep up the fight.

Fri Dec 23 2005 9:28 AM


Blogfather Jim,

Thank God! If anyone deserves to be on the list, it's you.

We're all pulling for you!



Fri Dec 23 2005 10:09 AM

stephen shields:

that's fantastic!

Fri Dec 23 2005 12:58 PM


I'm glad for you, congrats!

Somehow "I told you so" just doesnt quite cut it.

(Miracles have been known to happen at this magical time of year.)

Tue Dec 27 2005 7:45 AM


Congrats, Jim. That's great news! Best wishes and good luck on a speedy and successful transplant. And, Happy New Year to boot, eh.

Mon Jan 2 2006 1:59 AM



This is great news! I am so happy - that beeper is going to vibrate soon, I just know it.

Thinking about you.


Wed Jan 4 2006 2:58 PM

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