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Ahhh.. politics.

March 12, 2006 11:06 AM

Before the '04 election, remember how Massachusetts passed a law allowing same-sex marriage, and a lot of progressives freaked out because it was in John Kerry's home state and was the perfect thing for Bush to run against?

Well, the same thing just happened to the right-wing with the abortion law in South Dakota. See Newsweek.

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Do you think the democrats have the balls to poke a stick in that bee's nest? Won't they try to keep away from such controversy?

God I hope not, but they look like they're leaving Feingold twisting here when they should obviously attack all out.

By the way I loved Uncovered.

Thu Mar 16 2006 9:56 PM


Odd that the writer brings up the fact that the South Dakota law bans abortion even "in cases of rape or incest;" and present it as a some sort of threshold that even Republicans won't cross over. The author claims that most american support abortion in those cases, yet all the survey data that I've seen that asks women if they would abort in the extreme case of a pregnacy through rape or incest shows an overwhelming majority of response that they would keep the child. Wierd isn't it. I, being a dyed in the wool sexist, chalk it up to the fact that almost all healthy women will naturally bond with their child their fear of harm tot heir developing baby will cause them to contradict any political stand they may make. So . . the smart move for GOP is to bide time while the movement gains more momentum and the straw men are laid to rest.

Tue Apr 11 2006 6:07 PM


maybe you should stop reading conservative surveys and talk to real live healthy women. I am one, and I know dozens, nay, hundreds, and not a one would bring such a pregnancy to term. We're not all warm fuzzy incubators, you know.

I know he'll never see this but boy that frosts me.

Thu Apr 27 2006 12:17 AM


i support same sex marriges because i am GAY

Fri Apr 28 2006 11:21 AM


don't you know that gay marriage should be against the law because its not right for someone to stick their dick in soemone elses butt just so theyc an feel the "burn" and "sensation" in the prostate

Fri Apr 28 2006 11:24 AM

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