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Fox News' Tony Snow offered white house press job

April 19, 2006 2:27 PM

Why does Bush even need a press secretary? He already has Fox News, and he could save some taxpayer money.

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Fox News' Tony Snow offered white house press job (04.19.2006)

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Right Wing Ryan:

This is competly stupid, FoxNews is fair and ballanced. The only reason they seem conservative is because we are all so used to the liberal "drive by media".

Fri Apr 21 2006 10:41 PM

Tom from Madison:

Leaving the "Fair" part aside for the moment, I really have to wonder about the "balanced" claim. How much Aruba coverage should there be?

it seems when other networks are covering issues like congressional corruption, Fox is busy giving the latest "developments" from Aruba.

Reporting the president's repeated mis-statements of facts doesn't seem to be too high on the list either. WMDs? Mobile weapons labs? Some Fox viewers still believe they will be found some day.

Sat Apr 22 2006 2:23 PM

Right Wing Ryan:

Well Tom, you could not be farther from the truth, Fox gives everything a fair and ballacned look. Those cold Madison temps. must be frezing your brain. I am sorry to brust your bubble.

Sun Apr 23 2006 4:41 PM

Tom from Madison:


do you really get all your news from a single source?

I watch Fox from time to time. They do a good job of making wealthy white men feel good about themselves. As a wealthier than average 47 year old, I can definitely relate on some level.

However, they get so many basic facts wrong, I have to wonder why anybody watches them. I remember Bill O'Reilly repeatedly insisting that there was no insurgency in Iraq. Guess what? He was wrong.

There was the repeated linking of the 9/11 to Iraq sans any evidence. To be "Fair and Balanced" you need to be independent as well. Fox simply isn't. Bush and Murdoch have too much invested in the Bush Adminstration to report bad news about them. It's obvious in the weakness and infrequency of the criticism they offer Bush despite his repeated bungling.

Wed Apr 26 2006 10:13 AM

Mike of the Great White North:

Tom, the fundamental flaw in you trying to understand wingers love of FOX is that you have a brain.

See, the actual meaning of fair and balanced is to report on something A) from both sides of the issue B) dedicate enough time to both sides C) not OMIT anything from the discussion and D) not interject personal bias into the story.

There are many instances of one or many of the criteria above being broken by the mainstream media, which goes to strengthen my point that most all MSM is 'rightwing' as opposed to the smear of being left.

What makes FAUX news jump out of the crowd is that it routinely BREAKS all of the criteria above OVER and OVER and OVER again. WHY? Because to them, fair and balanced doesn't actually apply to the story, it applies to their percieved BIAS of leftwing reporting in the MSM. So the 'balance' per say is to present the apparently difficient and opposite side they think is lacking.

This is what wingnuts cant account for and dont want to scrutanize. For years, the right wing nutjobs have successfully screamed that the MSM was ruled by the left elite (which is why the bastion of lefties, the NYT's Judith Miller helped sell a bullshit war to the country) The undeniable truth is that US media falls mostly from center-right to extreme-rightwing-nutjob. The only true LEFT belongs to the Internet, which is where you will actually get REAL information months before it makes its minor splash in the MSM.(which dissapears into the memory hole 2 days later.)

The MSM is garbage, a dead media, with way too many of the 'looneyleft' trying to emulate FAUX in search of ratings instead of actual story and substance. When i look at CNN, i dont see this 'left' the nutjobs scream about, i see Nancy Grace trying and convicting in the same breath, I see Wolfy Blitzboy still shilling some key war talking points that reality should have dusted months ago. Continued talk of Iran as if its the boogyman and breaking rules, when in fact it's follwed the NPT, allowed inspections beyond the protocals obligations and has the ABSOLUTE right to develope nuclear power for peaceful purposes under the NPT, while the good ol US of A breaks the NPT by enlarging it's nuclear arsenal, creating new classes of nukes and attempts to threaten pre-emptive use of them. Funny how i never would have known all the rules about the NPT and the IAEA from the castrated 'left' MSM.

So if the regular MSM is so much tripe and garbage, the only reason to watch FAUX in my opinion must be like taking drugs. Your escaping reality and entering your own feel good fun zone. To steal a neo-con quote, in essence your 'creating new realities' because the current one we live in just doesn't jive.

FAUX NEWS - Welcome to the Matrix

Wed Apr 26 2006 8:01 PM

Forrest NOT Gump:

As Bush continues to TANK in the polls (about 2/3 of the American people admit to loathing our "leader," and this number will only grow as Bush's ineptitude becomes more apparent), watch the neocon press start to go for the jugular. What Bush forgot (or never knew, given his sub-par IQ) is that, when you court an extreme faction in a bid for power, that faction OWNS you in the end. In a year, Fox "News," Bush's former ally, will have joined the bandwagen to crow over the remains of a crashed-and-burned administration.

You know what's funny? In Clinton's darkest hour (the week he was impeached for (-shudder-) lying about having an affair, something FAR worse than invading a country on false pretenses, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, and bankrupting the country!), when the so-called "liberal" press was lambasting Clinton's every move, his approval rating hit his all-time low: 52 % This is 20 percentage points HIGHER than Bush's current rating! If Clinton were allowed to run for the White House today, he'd beat Bush in a landslide!!

Mon May 1 2006 8:25 PM

Tom from Madison:


you're assuming votes are counted fairly and eligible voters are allowed access to the polls?

Thu May 11 2006 4:13 PM

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