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Iran is really all about Iraq

April 30, 2006 11:55 AM

I think everyone is missing what's going on here with all the focus on Iran's nuclear program. It's really all about Iraq.

Bush needs to figure out how to win in Iraq. It's slipping away, and he knows he has to get back on the offense.

He also knows that Iran is increasingly playing a role in this Shi'a vs. Sunni civil war. Iran is nearly all Shi'a, so the alliance is obvious and growing. He may even know (or think he knows) a lot more about Iran's involvement, but isn't going to talk about it.

So Bush is figuring out a way to go on the offense and attack Iran... essentially, he knows he's going to have to double down, but he needs an excuse to do it sooner rather than later so he can set the terms again, and get some more control over the war. Of course, he can't actually tell anyone this.

And that's why he' s saber rattling on Iran's nuclear program. The biggest card Bush has to play in pre-emptive poker is the threat of someone else getting nuclear weapons. That's how he sold the Iraq war.

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Iran is really all about Iraq (04.30.2006)

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Sun Apr 30 2006 12:27 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

The funny thing abou this Jim, is this.

Iran is a signatory to the NPT. It has agreed to forego nuclear weapons in exhange for the right to produce nuclear power for peaceful purposes. It has the INALIENABLE RIGHT to do so. It has allowed IAEA inspectors unprecedented access and snap, go anywhere intrusive inspections voluntarily as an additional protocal, even though it was not obligated to do so. It only curbed access after the US began to bully other nations into trying to slap sanctions on Iran.

Does anyone here know the other part of the NPT agreement? Hands in the air? About the part where non-nuke countries agree to not build nukes, while the big five (many more now) agreed to cap and reduce their stockpiles. The US has been a signatory to the NPT for a long time, yet their has been extremely minimull dismantling, and now with talk of enhancing and building better weapons systems and bunker buster mini nukes, the rank hypocracy stinks across the globe.

Here we have the US, who does not play by the rules it set down, tells other countries what rights they have, turn a blind eye to those who broke the rules because they are 'allies' (ie. Israel, Pakistan, India.

And honestly, at this point im compelled to ask... why in heavens name would IRAN not want a nuke. Israel has threated strikes on it, the US has threatened it, it has seen what the US does to non-nuke countries (Iraq) and how meek it is towards nuclear powers now (N.Korea, India). It is now in Irans vital national interest (read survival) to procure a nuke in order to stave off another summary bullshit invasion by the US.

Heres another thing to ponder. Iran gets a nuke.. big F'n deal!!! The fact that so many are frightened of this prospect only shows ignorance in spades. Compare that to the arsenal of both Israel and the US and it simply means that any use of nukes by Iran would ultimatly mean its erasure off the map. NO ONE, no matter how fanatical or stupid could steer their country towards that. Regimes like Irans are not suicidal stupid. They want to remain in power and to do so means you ensure your country does not glow for 500 years. A nuke for Iran would be purely for defensive purposes. Any analytical realist will tell you that. Only neocon blowhards who blow sunshine and pixie dust up your ass will try to convince you that they wanna give nukes to terrorists.

Doesn't surprise me seeing as how most neocons are dual loyalists and put Israels interests over America's national and security interests. Ever ask yourself just how the lobby got you to believe the US and Israels interests are identical? Ever ask yourself why Ameican lives have to be sacrificed because of the bed Israeli policies are made to lie in? Iran is just another logical extention of this. Iraq was the starting point.$File/rwp_06_011_walt.pdf

Check out some of the signatories on this article.
Perle & Feith - 2 of the main orchastrators of the Iraq war in the Bush administration... ask me where their loyalties lie.

I guess the title of this blog column really should have been:
"Iran is really all about Israel"

Sun Apr 30 2006 10:30 PM

Right Wing Robby:

Robbers dont have a right to have guns just to make it fair against the cops.

That was the most ignorant comment for an extreme liberal I have ever read.

Mon May 1 2006 10:07 AM

Tom from Madison:

Comparing police force weapons to nukes is ignorant. Stray bullets don't threaten all life on planet earth--nukes do.

Enforcing a permanent nuclear double-standard is problematic; especially when Israel is implicitly trusted and Iran and all Arabic nations are implicitly not trusted.

Wed May 3 2006 5:54 PM

Jim Gilliam
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