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McCain vs. Feingold

April 3, 2006 9:38 PM

My wickedly early 2008 prediction: McCain vs. Feingold. As the scandal ridden Bush administration emerges successfully from impeachment hearings, both parties nominate the squeaky clean candidate. Both will accept federal matching funds and hold true to their campaign finance principles... but all the 527 and similar groups will spend more on this campaign than any other in history.

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Tom from Madison:

McCain is certainly the tall hog at the Republican trough. The DeLay-Abramoff corruption factor should be a profound stigma for neo-cons to overcome. That said, McCain's recent pandering to the religious right and his rose colored glasses regarding Iraq leave him with quite a bit of explaining to do.

...I much prefer Russ Feingold's integrity and common sense pragmatism to Hilary Clinton or any of the other Democratic hopefuls. We need a president who respects the law and every one of his constituents. This would be a welcome departure from the arrogant government of patronage we've had. Pioneers and Rangers need to hear:

"Your money is no good here!"

Tue Apr 4 2006 2:15 PM



I disagree with you on Delay. After all the accusations and that legal “Hired Gun” all you have are just that… accusations!

Which just proves AGAIN that the left values character assignation over anything else “symbolism over substance” the seriousness of the charge out weighs the proof.

Thu Apr 6 2006 9:09 AM


By the way,

What happened to the Rove issue?

Thu Apr 6 2006 9:11 AM



Technically you're absoutely right in the narrowest sense--DeLay hasn't been convicted yet. However, Abramoff has. He's in prison. Ken Lay is currently on trial. All of the above and Rove were intimately involved with getting Bush and other Republicans elected.

The Texas Republican political machine is being exposed. It's a very sorry sight. Open influence pedaling is nothing to brag about. Average people are being fleeced while corporate influence runs rough shod.

Remember Ken Lay's huge contribution to Bush's campaign in 1999? Juxtapose that to what he did to the employees and stockholders in HIS OWN COMPANY. Face it, your boys are thieves.

Texas Republicans have brought grossly unethical, and sometimes illegal conduct to our government. Those defending them now are largely "investors" trying to maintain the gains they bought with their large campaign contributions. That's sick, wrong, and anti-American!

Thu Apr 6 2006 10:34 AM

Tom from Madison:

Above is mine.

Thu Apr 6 2006 10:52 AM

Tom from Madison:

I'm glad to hear that character assassination is now out of the Republican playbook. Does Karl Rove know this? When will he be apologizing to John McCain, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Paul O'Neill, Wesley Clark, Richard Clarke, ...

Admit it, today's Republicans would be NOWHERE without character assassination.

Thu Apr 6 2006 10:58 AM


"...DeLay hasn't been convicted yet. However, Abramoff has. He's in prison. Ken Lay is currently on trial. All of the above and Rove were intimately involved with getting Bush and other Republicans elected."

And their big donations gained them...what, exactly?
As you point out, if they were hoping for some sort of quid pro quo for their donations, it didn't work, did it? They're now facing justice, so what exactly is your point?

Mon Apr 10 2006 12:55 PM

Tom from Madison:


Thanks for asking. My point is the country has been taken for billions of $, tax-payer dollars, due to the influence of corrupt right-wingers. Texas and other states have been re-districted due to misplaced loyalty. DeLay is more loyal to the Republican Party than he is to the country. Even having verifiable vote counts can't be taken for granted due to influence pedaling to voting machine execs. That's sick and wrong.

Republicans have ushered in a culture of corruption and it needs to end. We need to return honor to public service ASAP.

Tue Apr 11 2006 11:18 AM


" Texas and other states have been re-districted due to misplaced loyalty."

Surely you're not naive enough to believe that the Republicans are the only party to re-district in a manner that benefits them?

Wed Apr 12 2006 1:49 PM

Tom from Madison:

1) My point is not THAT it happened. It's HOW it happened. Money laundering and the use of excessive force [calling out homeland security] are part and parcel of DeLay's tactics.
2) Republicans have taken redistricting to a new level and done everybody a disservice in the process.
3) It's time for everybody to end the practice--remember the new era of ethics and morality Republicans were going to usher in. That sounds REAL FUNNY RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

The price we've all paid in terms of contested races is a consequence. Fortunately Howard Dean has adopted a 50-state strategy for the Democrats. That's a good thing.

There is also voter-registration cleanup underway many places to prevent the Florida experience from recurring. You might remember the Florida practice of purging voters based only on suspicion of being a convicted felon. Katherine Harris is a famous practitioner of that. As poetic justice would have it, her Senate bid appears to be going down in MISERABLE FLAMES!

Fri Apr 21 2006 2:59 PM

Right Wing Ryan:

People, the voice of reason is here. The voice of reason of course being a conservative voice. We all know that Feingold is a giant walking dildo. McCain is a very moderate person, and he is the most electable person the Republicans have. If I got your pervious statement Tom from Madison, you are saying that the Republicans are taking us into a Fascist dictatorship. I just have this to say to counter that, if Feingold were to become president, then we would be walking into a Communist dictatorship, at the very least, we would walk into a socialist dictatorship.

Sun Apr 23 2006 4:54 PM

Tom from Madison:

Republicans are selling influence and eroding individual rights. That's not the voice of reason. It's not even true conservatism. A true conservative would not be running up large deficits in a time of war. That amounts to stealing from the citizenry and heaping debt on future generations.

RWRyan, yours is the voice of a priveledged elite trying to exert dominance over the majority. Bush et al are creating a government based on patronage, a government where ordinary people have less say.

Feingold is a man of priciple and integrity. Most of my conservative friends respect him. I know registered Republicans that have voted for him. Perhaps that's why he's so scary to the current corrupt Repblican establishment.

Thu Apr 27 2006 1:18 PM


I think Wesley Clark is our best hope in 2008! We are in the War already and he can lead us out. I do like Feingold.....don't get me wrong I do a lot but Wesley Clark will grab the moderate voters.

Mon Oct 9 2006 7:23 PM

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