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Watch Bush's reaction to Colbert's roasting in split-screen

May 10, 2006 8:53 PM

Split-screen comes on about 60% in. There's a point where Bush just looks really pissed. Priceless.

Gordon McDowell put this together. 10 mins 36 secs. also in MPEG4.

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Watch Bush's reaction to Colbert's roasting in split-screen (05.10.2006)

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Mike of the Great White North:

This is Colbert at his best. He did your country a huge service by pretty much throwing and exposing Bush's bullshit right in his face not 5 feet away from him. He had the guts to do what the so called 'left wing' media couldn't do for over 5 years, and that was to make Bush squirm. The MSM failed. Moreso it was a deraliction of duty, as they are supposed to be the arm that informs the citizenry to make informed choices. The MSM failed because they were beding over backwards trying to shed the bullshit smear the right wing slandered them with, that they were 'left leaning'. Thats where Colberts 'reality has a well known liberal bias' remark plays its full potential.

When facts are used, it's called smear, or an agenda, or looney left. When hysterics and silly emotions are used instead, it's called fair and balanced. Colbert opened that can of worms on the media too. That they are trying to emulate Faux news at their own peril.

Night after night on his show, he does a wonderful job of satire to show how ignorant the masses are that follow the MSM. One need only look at the study conducted that concluded 61% of Americans couldn't find Iraq on a map... AFTER 5 YEARS OF COMBAT OPERATIONS.. THATS SAD! But it goes to show, most of those moonbats dont care where it is, so long as they get to follow the soundbites of dear leader talking about spreading this an that accross the middleeast so they can stroke off to their uber patriotism.

Colbert exposed the lie, the "looney left" MSM ignored him, once and for all destroying the myth of a lefty media, then of all things they tried to brand him 'unfunny' compared to tweedle dee and dum bush twins. They claim he was unfunny because no one in the audience laughed. Well turn up the volume, there are many laughs, but mostly they are nervous laughs, becuase Colbert hit too close to home, nailing the impotent media on their coddling of the stupidest president in history. Plus the right wing (like that stupid whore Michelle Malkin and her equally retarded friend Coulter) simply fail to realize that Colbert wasn't pandering to the crowd in the hotel. His audience was the world, and he was going to make damn sure he stayed in character and on cue in his filleting of W and the press.

And thats why his video has become the most downloaded video on the net in history, why even people in China are getting their hands on this video. This is why the whole world is laughing in unisen at W and everyone who worships him. Course most Americans wouldn't know it... the MSM has snared them into the information vacuum bubble they've managed to keep Bush in all these years.

F'N priceless. Colbert for president!

And do yourself a favor. If your a wingnut still clinging to the idea that the fawning press corps of King W are still 'left leaning' please go out and buy the book lapdogs. and go shake the cobwebs off.

5 pgs of Lapdogs here

And say thanks to Stephen Colbert here

Thu May 11 2006 2:00 AM

Right Wing Robby:

Most people who saw that agree that he wasnt funny, out of place and rude.

In other news.

The man the liberals want to downplay as being not so bad has made the headlines again.

Keep up the support Libs! Lets get this all on record.

Thu May 11 2006 8:45 AM


Colbert is an absolute genius and couldn't have done it better. Sure, it was BALLSY to the 10th degree, but that's what will make this a classic that will live on for years to come. Let's see how many people remember Jeff Bridges Bush impersonation in 5 years versus Colbert's unflinching roasting of this pathetic administration. They can only blame themselves.

And I've been wanting to see a splitscreen with Bush on this for a while.. priceless is right! Thanks for posting.

Thu May 11 2006 12:44 PM

Tom from Madison:

I think it's fair to say most people in attendance didn't feel comfortable laughing. W hates real dissent. The cowering press corps were also embarrassed and ashamed because they themselves have been such door mats.

I suspect a poll of TV viewers would be quite different and more telling.

...personally, I think Colbert's performance was masterful and uniquely American. I found it funny, biting, appropo, and not the slightest bit rude. If Colbert's primary objective was to make people in that room laugh, he didn't succeed.

I feel Colbert was answering a higher calling. He pointed out the absurdity of the way Bush governs, communicates, and attempts to lead. My conservative friends generally found it to be funny and "truthy". Colbert has a wonderful ability to strike a nerve. Perhaps that's why RWR and others on the right are dismissive and quick to change the subject.

Thu May 11 2006 1:16 PM


Very reminiscent of Stewart on Crossfire. Except that this is on a different scale.

I agree with Tom from Madison that Colbert was definitely "answering a higher calling." And he did it rather brilliantly. Much kudos to Colbert for having the guts to talk about something that needs to be said in general. Kind of like Gilbert Godfried and 9/11, if my memory serves right... I could be mistaken though.

Thu May 11 2006 2:31 PM


Agree with what both say above. I think it maybe best put on Huffintgon Post:

Fri May 12 2006 5:52 PM

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