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YouTube "view fraud"

May 21, 2006 11:13 PM

Interesting NYT article on the manufacturing of an "overnight sensation" with YouTube.

This is speculation, but it sure looks like Southbeat gamed YouTube pretty hard to get "Groundhog Day" to the top. The NYTmes picked up on the porn site angle a little bit, but they didn't investigate it enough.

Here are the most viewed videos of the past month.

The Mayday video is #1 w/ 2million views. 443 people rated it, and 293 people favorited it.

#2 is the real-life frogger video. It has 1.5 million views, and *3,073* ratings... and it's been favorited 4,093 times!

#2 has almost 7 times as many ratings as #1 and 14 times as many favorites, with half a million fewer views.

How could that happen?

Because a view can happen from anywhere, but a rating can only happen by a logged in YouTube user.

Google has click fraud.... zombie networks that click on ads and scam google adwords advertisers.

This is a new beast... call it "view fraud" They used the same basic click fraud tactic to create fake views.

It also helps explain why not only were there fewer ratings, but the ratings there were, were rather bad.. the video only got 3 out of 5 stars. I can understand why there would be fewer ratings when a lot of the traffic is happening on sites that have the video embedded... but this many?

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Hey, why don´t you write an article about how people can easily find porn on YouTube.

Look this for example:

Technically this is not porn, but there are a lot of videos just for adults.

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