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Dr. Timothy Oaks

June 29, 2006 4:36 PM

Read what Dr. Timothy Oaks, who was only able to keep three of seven heart transplant patients alive for a year, had to say about his performance:

"It's sort of like Kobe Bryant going out and scoring 10 points for the next three games. You wouldn't say, 'He's no good now.' He may have a couple of bad games in a row, but you wouldn't dismiss his previous experience." (LA Times)

Appalling arrogance.

And then he goes on. "If you remove small-volume transplant centers out of the picture, what you'll be doing is rationing transplant services to only the large cities. Someone from western North Carolina, a hillbilly redneck from here, isn't going to go to Atlanta to live. They don't have the means to do that." [emphasis mine]

But they do have the means to drive an hour and a half to Duke University, one of the finest programs in the country!! Tell the patients they can either have a 40% chance of living another year, or drive 90 minutes to appointments and have an 85% chance of living three, let's see what they pick.

Since this 'keeping people alive' business ain't working out, he will have to rely on his speaking career. He "has several prepared talks", and "will speak on topics related to any aspect of heart transplantation or lung surgery."

This arrogant, elitist and incompetent doctor is preying on poor sick people. Shut him down.

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Dr. Timothy Oaks (06.29.2006)

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Graeme Gibson:

Absoultely disgusting.

Thu Jun 29 2006 7:48 PM

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