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Why did Francine Busby lose?

June 16, 2006 2:13 PM

Everyone has an opinion, so now it's time to actually find out. Chris Bowers at MyDD (hot off his insightful netroots survey), and my colleague Rick Jacobs, are putting together a poll and want everyone's help... both in the questions and the $20,000 needed to have it done professionally.

Read more from Chris and Rick.

There's no doubt that understanding why Busby lost is important to every campaign this fall. There are a lot of entrenched Democratic interests who rely on no one ever doing follow-up surveys like this. Screw 'em.

Post your question ideas on MyDD and donate here.

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Why did Francine Busby lose? (06.16.2006)

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Mike of the Great White North:

Only reason... the immigration issue.

Dems are so inclined to look upon this issue as if its about immigrants. Its not. Its about ILLEGAL ALIENS. Don't pretend that she wasn't pandering to the FUTURE vote of these people if(when) they become citizens by amnesty or otherwise. Republicans wised up (at least in that state) and went against Bush's official policy and went to the voters with that KEY issue. With California on the border and the direct impact Illegals are having on that state, this one issue was the most glaring.

And quite frankly, this is the kind of attitude that will lose more elections for democrats. Comon sense people, thats all it takes.

Fri Jun 16 2006 8:59 PM

Right Wing Robby:


Im blown away. We agree!

However, she had an uphill climb to begin with. That district is 2/3 republican. She ran there before and lost by a margin of 22%. She lost by only a few votes relatively speaking. As much as I would like to say its a trend for Nov. I think this race just isnt.

Immigration is huge, and failure to address the issue is a major mistake. Not addressing the issue says you dont think its important enough, regardless of where you stand.


Sat Jun 17 2006 8:29 AM


Busby lost because she dared to say what was on her mind, she dared to share what she felt – not because she slipped. She was looking at future voters but dems overlooked something people from that part of the world are devoutly Catholic, hence the vast majority of them are PRO-LIFE so be careful what you dems wish fore you just might get it.

Wed Jun 21 2006 6:05 PM


But did she lose? BradBlog has been on it since day one and there are an increasing number of people signing no-confidence statements due to illegal storing of the machines prior to the election, which decertified them.
Even a right-wing radio guy (forget his name but he sometimes fils in for Rush) has said this is a non-partisan issue of basic democracy.

So, did she lose?

Sat Jun 24 2006 1:03 PM

Jim Gilliam:

Brad Blog's got zero credibility with me. He's always looking for a conspiracy, when frequently, there's a much simpler answer staring him straight in the face. Whenever he gets excited, he could be on to something, or not.. it's just too much effort to separate it out.

Sat Jun 24 2006 4:16 PM

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