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June 12, 2006 11:45 AM

Markos on Meet the Press and the Yearly Kos convention (which Brave New Films had a big presence at), mark the coming of age of the netroots, yadda yadda, go team go.

Watching Markos yesterday got me to thinking about just how crucial blogging is to honing your message. Man, he was spot on.. and I think it's partly due to the fact that every day there are tens of thousands of people reading and commenting on what he says. Ripping him apart when they think he's wrong, and praising when they think he's right. Truly honest feedback enabled by his blog.

Compare that to the politicians, who have a handful of (highly paid) consultants and staffers giving them this feedback, much of it oozing with agenda and baggage.

I had a similar experience on Friday. We sent out a cut of the Iraq for Sale trailer to the 3000 folks who contributed the funds to make the film. A lot of the feedback was positive, for sure... but the more critical and specific comments -- unfiltered, real and honest -- were significantly more valuable.

You can imagine how hard it is for a director to get honest feedback. (obviously, look at all the crap movies Hollywood makes!).. the only thing they've got are the audience surveys at test screenings after the film is essentially done. But now we can engage the core audience during the process, and wth the constant iterative feedback, we can actuallly make a better movie, just as long as we don't over-react to the most vocal and are clear with the overall vision.

Yay internet. (chapter 4,622)

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