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Bill O'Reilly is old news... literally.

July 12, 2006 1:42 PM

His median audience age is 71 years old. It's almost too shocking to believe... but it's true.

This means half of O'Reilly's audience is over 71. As Cenk puts it, he's basically holding court at a senior center.

The man is totally irrelevant, talking to people who will all be dead soon. (No disrespect for the 70+ crowd out there, but really, I'm not telling you anything you don't know, and statistically, I'll beat you to the grave anyway.)

You know how much advertisers want to reach senior citizens? About as much as they want to reach people waiting for a lung transplant.

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Bill O'Reilly is old news... literally. (07.12.2006)

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Ahmguadda Kihkboody:

So are you even more irrelevent since you are more likely to die first?

Wed Jul 12 2006 4:00 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

Umm, no. Jim's message is targeting the younger demographic. The one that will institute change over the coming years. The ones tired of being lied to for war and oil. The ones tired of corrupt greedy mother(*&ers who scratch each others backs while the rest of the nation gets poorer. The ones who will save America from the brink of becoming the pariah of the world.

So no buddy, he's not irrelevant. His legacy and his message will last on long after your tripe has faded to a dim memory.

Wed Jul 12 2006 5:41 PM

Dave E.:

Sheesh. Whoever posted that comment has some bad karma headed their way. Real classy.

Is the IP address anyone we know?

Anyway. So Bill "I can hear you breathing" O'Reilly's median audience age is 71 years old? Wow. The article cites MSNBC's own research, so I'm a bit skeptical about that. I know Fox "news" ratings are roundly declining, but that median age - if accurate - is news in itself.

A good barometer would be to see if many or most of the commercials are for geriatric stuff. Always a good 'tell' to see what demo a program's advertisers either target, or are forced to market toward.

Wed Jul 12 2006 7:01 PM

Tom from Madison:

I too have to wonder about the accuracy of the 71 year old meadian age claim. It seems suspect and beside some greater points.

The problem faced by the O'Reilly and the entire right-wing noise machine is how much their view of the world doesn't square with reality. For years we've been hearing the accusation that the "good news" in Iraq simply isn't being reported. To be fair and balanced, there is simply much more bad news than good. To say otherwise is to be agenda-driven and biased.

Actually the bad news is severely under-reported by Fox. People, especially supporters of Bush, don't want to hear about intelligence failures, contract fraud, war crimes committed by our side, or military families being decimated by a self-defeating strategy,

We need to start un-twisting the myth that sending more soldiers to die equals supporting the troops, the spread of freedom, or advancing American self-interest.

Supporters of this war musht be made to answer for this no-account propaganda. Fox news and O'Reilly are at the top of that list.

Thu Jul 13 2006 11:59 AM


It depends on viewership, 18yr olds as a rule aren’t really looking at politics in general to hold their attention, they are into shall we say… “other” things (spring break, the opposite sex, music/MTV) when I was in my late teens thru early 20s I had plenty of other interests, the state of the world and the news wasn’t part of it. As people mature their, tastes change.

I guess the more you mature the more your interested in world events (the more time you have to research issues), maybe (or not) Fox is catering to that specific demographic –OR- that demographic is drawn to political/news programs.

Being that the biggest group of voters were those from ages 55-74 they could be seeking alternate news sources away from the mainstream to help make their decisions for the coming election.

Thu Jul 13 2006 2:29 PM

Tom from Madison:

O'Reilly viewers are mature???

It is to laugh. Listening to a 56 year old man make unsubsantiated charges and tell invited guests to "shut up" calls to mind many adjectives. Mature isn't one of them.

That's really quite droll.

Thu Jul 13 2006 5:05 PM

Dave E.:

Don't forget threatening callers with a visit from Fox Security.


Thu Jul 13 2006 5:42 PM

Tom from Madison:

I particularly enjoyed the boycott of France. The French economy may never recover!

Fri Jul 14 2006 9:22 AM

Mike of the Great White North:

Of course it'll never recover, thanks to those commie pinko leftist bastard liberals at The Paris Business Review printing such negative things in their magazine such as O'Reilly's boycott. They should be reporting all the progress being made in France, the poodles that roam free and so forth.

I mean christ, when The Paris Business Review says O'Reilly's boycott is working... what else is there to say? Loofah

Fri Jul 14 2006 10:20 AM

Tom from Madison:


you post recalls fondly O'Reilly's candid moment when he courageously told viewers he would never speak of intern Andrea Mackris again. Why has this man never won a Peabody?

D'Oh! Another sore subject. Apparently Polk awards and Peabody awards are quite similar -- at least in Bill's mind.

I have to wonder about those who subcribe to his *premium* service. Somehow it seems appropo that factor gear includes a door mat.

Mon Jul 17 2006 10:36 AM

Frenchy paradise:

oh yes, the boycott of the French products functioned: the tourists American were most numerous to visit Paris this summer 2006!
thanks for your dollars.
I hope to visit USA one day or an other


Tue Sep 5 2006 7:33 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

Yeah, gee, im glad O'Lielly didn't call for a boycott of Canada. Man we'd be fucked.

eh luffa boy?

Wed Sep 6 2006 12:48 AM

Frenchy paradise:

" "

thanks Mike, for the link

It is difficult for me to understand a television broadcast in English , but O' Reilly seems to me extremly disrespectful and aggressive towards this this video
This technique (to cut the word, to raise the tone and to take a condescending air), looks absurdity, but give to some people the false impression he is right.

...I imagine he is the kind of person that think we wear berets, thick moustache, never wash ourself , enjoy Jerry Lewis , and all that odd stuffs, and if you disagree he point his finger to you saying: you know it is true ! do not lie !

I mean, is this guy taken seriously ?
If he does, how many people trust him ? just curious.


Wed Sep 6 2006 6:46 PM


You all are pathetic! So, Oreilly isnt legitimate bc. he has no Peabody,,give me a break! Steven Colbert has won Peabody Awards, and let me tell you, he's an amazing journalist. Thats the main reason the country stays to a center-right political consensus, bc. people like you all over there on the looney left are too pathetic to even recognize and acknowledge when a host like him(who i'll admit is out of touch on some things, but understands the main jist of the american people's thought process) can be successful for holding people to what they say and not lettin gthem BS around certain statements. Until you guys realize the concept that your hatred towards poeople you don't agree with gets you nowhere, you will consistently remain on the minority. For example, this last mid-term election was not a mandate to run away from Iraq, but a switch of leaders to tyr and handle it better so we can get out eventually with success, but since theyve come out trying to pretend otherwise, their gonna get stomped when '08 comes around unless they change course. Just take this advice as a chance to further your agenda instead of criticizing and running the other way! Have a good one.

Fri Jun 8 2007 9:45 AM

Aunty Em Ericann:

Mr. Falafel is an anachronism. The only problem is that he and his audience doesn't know it yet.

He can still do a lot of damage, tho'.

Lately it's been fun watching the increasingly thin-skinned commentator take on one enemy after another.

He's going to blow a gasket soon.

With all my love,
Aunty Em

Sun Jun 10 2007 6:38 PM

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