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Evangelical pastor said "Follow Jesus" and 20% of his congregation left

July 29, 2006 7:41 PM

The white suburbanites that is.. they want to follow the Republican Party. But the mega-church is hanging in there... more African-Americans, Hispanics and Hmong immigrants from Laos are coming now.

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Evangelical pastor said "Follow Jesus" and 20% of his congregation left (07.29.2006)

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Dave E.:

This image, which was a poster sold at a megachurch gift store, sort of says it all:

I nearly vomited after seeing that. A more overt example of the insidious church/state mixture, I have never seen.

So after reading this story, my initial surprise was that it was only 20% that left. I think that's progress. And funny that that percentage sort of mirrors Bush's overall disapproval ratings. Like percentage of red haired folks in a population, maybe there's a fixed percentage of total lizard brain folks that translate to the hardcore GOP faithful: wingnuts, christofascists, and neocons, specifically. Lizard brains, generally.

The Twenty-Percenters of any society.

Sun Jul 30 2006 1:27 PM


That was a BEAUTIFUL poster, and there's nothing religious about it. The way you were going on you'd thing Bush was on the cross and Jesus was praying to him.

Sun Jul 30 2006 8:43 PM


it is encouraging to see pastors taking a risk like that.

I read this article too on line from the UK and I found it disturbing to hear from one memeber of the church that to speak her mind about how she felt about Republican politics was a scary thing in American churches....
this concerns me a great deal....i'll find the quote and put up on this post

Mon Jul 31 2006 6:01 AM


Here is the quote from that article.

This I find almost Dystopian in a theocratic sense.

Most of my friends are believers,” said Shannon Staiger, a psychotherapist and church member, “and they think if you’re a believer, you’ll vote for Bush. And it’s scary to go against that.”

Mon Jul 31 2006 6:04 AM


That religious image of Bush is terrible, both because it depicts Lincoln and Washington paying obeisance to Bush, and because it puts Bush on the cross, making him a Christ-like figure. If Bush was meant to be shown as a preacher, the cross would have been off to one side. That image is a deliberate deification of Bush. (I wonder who has more super powers, Bush or Jesus?)

Speaking of which, anyone hear about Mel Gibson's anti-semitic remarks? It was reported that he said that Jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world. He says that he was out of control (read "drunk") and said things that he does not believe to be true.

Mon Jul 31 2006 1:55 PM


Incidentally, Gibson's blood alcohol level was only 0.12%.

Mon Jul 31 2006 1:59 PM

Tom from Madison:

I'm feeling inspired. How about a remake of Jesus Christ Superstar with all the parts being played by members of the Bush administrtion?

'W' could play Jesus. Condi would play Mary Magdalene. Rummy might be a good Judas, although that would be a tough role to cast.

Mon Jul 31 2006 2:42 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

Guess the media would play the part of Pontious Pilate. Cant bring themselves to crucify him so they'll leave the final judgement to the ignorant masses.

But in this version they choose to let W Jesus go free and jail Barabas.

Mon Jul 31 2006 4:27 PM

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