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John Edwards is learning how not to be fake

July 2, 2006 11:05 AM

John Edwards at .... Gnomedex!?

I'm trying to retrain and recondition myself when I get asked a question to actually answer it -- to not say what I've been trained to say, to not say what's careful and cautious. The problem is that we're so trained and so conditioned over a long period of time that being normal and real and authentic requires you to shed that conditioning. It is not an easy thing to do.

My own view is the next president of the United States, or certainly the one after, is likely to be the single candidate who doesn't sound like a politician. I want to tell you on a personal level, I'm trying every way I know how not to do it.

Also note, Zack Exley's praise of Edward's recent use of online video.

A note to Edwards' tech staff who will read this when they see it in Technorati: Ya'll are obviously very smart, so I don't have to tell you this... but please do not.. do NOT put Dave Winer on your campaign bus. oh, and the 'join one corps' logo looks a little creepy. great idea, creepy logo.

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John Edwards is learning how not to be fake (07.02.2006)

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Edwards, or JRE as he is known to his long-time supporters, was the "real deal" of the Kerry-Edwards team. Many of the issues discussed about politicans and the need to be more transparent resonate with him, which is why he spoke from the heart. He's aware that he's considered a doll: breck girl (as some slashers have called him) and that he has been perceived as fake, with no foreign policy experience. Most of the perceptions are wrong, but perceptions are perceptions. The MSM has been cruel to Edwards at times, and especially when Gwen Ifill continues to misremember what was said at the debate between him and Cheney. I saw her at a conference in Baltimore last month and she told a mistruth about Edwards there, and now it appears she did the same thing yesterday on NPR. (Atrios reported on it first, then it was picked up by National, where I made my comment.)

Hope you will join us at the OAC blog by blogging with us, using GCast to submit an audio question, or submit a question to the Senator about issues via vblog. He will try to answer all of the questions as soon as time permits. He and Elizabeth are due for another podcast soon.

Sun Jul 2 2006 12:09 PM

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