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48 hours until picture lock on iraq for sale

August 3, 2006 10:32 PM

I'm allowed to say the following because creatively, this film is all Robert.. I have contributed virtually nothing on the creative side, my efforts have all been focused on fundraising, online, distribution, etc.


The best yet. We had our third test screening two days ago... Apparently, Howie Klein from DownWithTyranny was there because he raved about it.

So start planning your screenings everyone! DVD is out on 9/26, and our big week of screenings will be on 10/8 (i'll have more details up on the site in a day or two).

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48 hours until picture lock on iraq for sale (08.03.2006)

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A few days ago I read something from IPS News Service in their reports from Lebanon that was quite astonishing, and if true is a further eye opener in our government's so-called support of the Lebanese "democracy" Basically put the Lebanese Govmt is not a democarcy as we know ours to be. There are 3 parties, Sunni, Shiite and Christian. Each party is allocated a number of Parlimentary seats based on the percentage of the population they are in the country. So already there are constraints here. Also, of the top 3 government officals, president, minister of defense, etc, each party must fill one of these spots. The kicker is that the allocation of Parlimentary seats is based on 1930 census numbers when Shiite population was approx. 25 - 30% of the population (Shiite's are the major support group for Hezbollah), while today they are 60-65% of the population. So, basically you have a government weighted politically to serve the minority of the country, not the majority, and on top of that the group that is the majority is the military strength which the "democratic" government cannot control because it is in the minority. Now if this is true, yuo would hope our government knew such. And if so that would mean they were backing something they knew would eventually fail.

2nd thought. The terrorists we are supposedly battling worldwide are funded by oil money from the Middle Eastern countries, which we as US citizens pay to live our lives of fossil fuel consumption. If we shift to Ethanol, biofuels, solar and wind power (there is no one source that will replace oil, but several can) we will not need to "occupy" the lands of the terrorists to gaurd the oil, and once we leave, the terorists will have no need to hate us. Its quite simple actually, declare independence from foreign oil and its a domino effect which willl leave terrorists without a reason or money to come after us.

Thu Aug 3 2006 11:44 PM


I absolutely can't wait to see it and have four screenings all ready to go. Can't WAIT.

Fri Aug 4 2006 10:09 PM

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