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The President addresses the nation

September 12, 2006 12:22 AM

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This is awesome, laughed so hard. Both of these guys are great impersonators.

Tue Sep 12 2006 10:45 AM

Mike of the Great White North:

Best impersonation ever, got it all right.

Better than the correspondants dinner clone too!

Tue Sep 12 2006 12:33 PM


I didn't find the subject matter all that funny...impersonation was okay though

Tue Sep 12 2006 11:53 PM

Right Wing Robby:

When two of our soldiers were captured by terrorists. One was beheaded, the other had his stomach cut open and guts ripped out while he was alive.

Jim, please link me to a website that shows some liberal outrage over that.

Wed Sep 13 2006 12:00 PM

Dave E.:

Inciteful coward.

Please link to me the video that shows wingnuts acting like cowardly morons that are under the mistaken belief that liberals are evil and unfeeling America Haters.

Your question doesn't even survive its statement. Lizard brain fool. Get an education please.

Wed Sep 13 2006 12:49 PM

Right Wing Robby:

The facts are simple. Liberal policies do not help fight terrorism, they help the terrorists.
Name one, JUST ONE, liberal policy that is designed to catch terrorists. You cant because they all are all looking out for the rights of terrorists. They are all looking to stop programs that aid in the capture of terrorists.

Thats just the plain and simple truth. If its not, ill accept a list of policies and viewpoints from liberals and you that prove me wrong. Show me the stories of outrage from liberals over these terrorist actions. Link it. Prove me wrong. Dont just point your finger and call me dumb. That may have worked for you in 3rd grade, but not anymore.

If you want to see my list, simply look at all the programs the liberals have tried to stop. That will be a good start.

You dont see these stories on liberal blogs. You dont want to paint the enemy as evil because it makes it harder for you to advocate the cancellation of policies aimed at catching them.

BTW Dave E:

"'s a WaPo article detailing the possible scope of the damage caused by Rove's outing not only Plame, but the CIA front company of Brewster-Jennings & Associates:"

Sound familiar? You wrote it.

How about this:
"Unless you consider grand jury testimony an instrument of disinformation, I'm not sure where you're getting your accusations of 'falsehoods' from. (Well. I take that back.) This is a matter of a real breach of actual national security. But apparently national security is of no concern to partisans. Shame on YOU, amigo."

Not so much concern for National security these days huh Dave. SHAME ON YOU AMIGO.

So let me get this down to your level.

You're wrong lizard brain, neener neener poo poo.

Wed Sep 13 2006 6:02 PM

Dave E.:

I stand by the Constitution. Apparently, you're too scared to stand for it.

I believe we can fight terrorism while preserving our free way of life. Apparently, you're too foist afraid too afraid to think it possible.

You are a coward, and I shouldn't have to declare my desire for responsible and accountable stewardship of national security every time I engage a wingnut. Leading this nation in security is not about destroying the Constitution. This, my "viewpoint" which you quiveringly exclaim is so deleterious, is based squarely from a perspective that we must preserve the integrity of the Constitution while we protect ourselves from terrorism. Tattoo that on your forehead, and then my "viewpoint" - which I have declared ad infinitum - might sink in after a few more years of your easily remedied and self-imposed incredulity.

Substantive issues: The "programs" you're talking about - the only thing you apparently hang your hat on to support your specious claim - have been soundly beaten down as unconstitutional by both respected scholars and actual courts alike. A simple google search will do your homework for you. If you could read critically and objectively, you'd know this by now; it does not surprise me that you still demand proof that is seconds away. Obviously, if you haven't gotten it by now, you never will.

You see, reasonably judging by your extreme partisanship evidenced by your history of ridiculous, slanderous, and extreme comments here, a list of references and links to thoughtful commentary would do a person of your inflexible nature no good. I won't waste my time, and as I've said before, I'll let your patently outrageous statements and position speak for itself. This exchange is ultimately for the lurkers who may read this. If you can't tolerate a difference of opinion, then toss that on the swelling pile of "why wingnuts are cowards".

Finally, liberals have not been making policy for the past 6 years. Your question exposes your ignorance. This is your GOP show at work, junior. The agenda of legislation, what gets shelved, what gets considered, what gets killed in committee, executive policy, funding for national security, de-funding of vet resources, you name it...that's GOP all the way. The record speaks for itself.

And my goodness, where did you learn how to argue! Conclusory, conclusory, conclusory. Stating an unsubstantiated opinion and then tacking on a quaint little "That's just the plain and simple truth" does not make it so, grasshopper.
What's really funny, however, is that you don't support your fairly ridiculous opinion with anything but a FUCKING QUOTE FROM ME. And to further the irony, it's my commenting on the breach of national security caused by GOP political opportunism outing a clandestine CIA NOC who was working on WMD research in the Middle East. Another brilliant move by the keystone kops of governance.

That's a rhetorical device I'll have to remember to avoid...the ol' pull a quote which highlights your own party's malfeasance then declare smugly: "yeah, this sound familiar! Gotcha! Wait...what? It's related to one of those dang DOJ investigations of compromising national security in Dear Leaders admin where they've indicted the VP's Chief of Staff, and may still indict more? Oops."

You have been hoist by your own petard. That, my little wingnut, is what allows me to point at you and call you dumb.

Thu Sep 14 2006 2:00 AM

Mike of the Great White North:

Bravo Dave.. im actually in awe. Best response ever.

I too have actually avoided commenting on this little turds comments for a while hoping that by ignoring the tantrum, the child will learn and grow. But this was a much needed and totally enjoyable read.

It's nice to see how loons are acting the closer the train comes to running off the tracks.

Thu Sep 14 2006 1:45 PM

Dave E.:

Yup. Wingnuttery is basically like a dying fad. Like parachute pants or feathering your hair.

It was trendy when the whole nation was scared witless 1) by 9/11, then 2) by the subsequent street-preacher language used (to this day even) by the admin to keep people in fear.

So I think now that most people can think a little more rationally about the threat we're facing, it's understandable that the ranks of hardcore right wingers have so dramatically declined. In fact, not sure if you've read this yet, but self-identified Repubs are at their lowest % in years, and it has consistently been trending downward.

Course, the unprecedented and miserable record amassed by the admin certainly doesn't help their cause. I mean, when your only argument for the policy you're creating has been reduced to "wait 20 years for history to be the judge"...well, you've really gotta be fucking things up. Unfortunately, this is the case.

But yeah, the True Believers will never be persuaded by the forces of reason. So as their numbers dwindle they sort of thrash about making increasingly outrageous claims about the evil liberal scourge, like My Little Wingnut's post in this thread.

I enjoy your posts too. You really seem to get under NJ's skin, and it's always fun to read him when he blows a gasket (his "I shit on everything" post is classic). So cheers Mike - November can't come soon enough!

Thu Sep 14 2006 6:04 PM

Mike of the Great White North:

"...simply look at all the programs the liberals have tried to stop"

"...he ran into a brick wall in the form of the senior Republican Senators such as John Warner, Lindsey Graham and Mr McCain, as well as General Powell."

Wow... those fucking libs eh.


Sat Sep 16 2006 8:50 PM

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