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Jim Cramer goes bearish on Wal-Mart

November 21, 2006 12:34 PM

Jim Cramer in New York Magazine says Wal-Mart isn't just a lousy corporation, it's become a flat-out lousy business too.

"Despite the dismal financial performance, which has produced a horridly underperforming stock that has flatlined for seven years now, Wal-Mart’s management is in total denial. Almost every month, CEO Lee Scott starts afresh with an optimistic prediction of how the next five weeks will go. Then routinely, at the end of almost every month, the company misses its projections. The worst part is, no one seems the least embarrassed by this performance, least of all Scott himself."

If you want to see a classic Jim Cramer back when he was a bull on Wal-Mart, Check out this video:

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Jim Cramer goes bearish on Wal-Mart (11.21.2006)

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it seems as though Wal-Mart is getting away from what they were doing when they were successful. perhaps they should bring back some of the old crowd and let them run the stores the way they use to.

Tue Nov 28 2006 12:19 AM

Hockey Goon:

Well that settles it, Wal-Mart stock is going to go through the roof. Ever research how often this idiot it WRONG? He's exhibit "A" why monkeys throwing feces at the wall make better stock picks then brokers.

Wed Dec 13 2006 11:44 AM

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