September 06, 2002
10:00 PM:

The Discovery Channel did a puff piece on the Bush administration, providing a glimpse into the daily happenings of the White House. It was shot this past January, one year after Bush took office, and a few days before the State of the Union address.

Watching this, I got the impression that the war on terror is quite personal for the President. He mentioned how the people in one of the hijacked flights sacrificed their lives to save others, including himself, when they overcame the hijackers and flew the plane into the ground. It felt much less like carefully constructed political maneuvering and a lot more like vengeance.

The other thing was the lack of camaraderie amongst the staff. Everything was formal. Everyone was scared to be late. Suits everywhere. I suppose it could have just been the cameras, but these folks spend the majority of their lives with each other, you'd think they could joke around a little more.

I think I like the Hollywood version more.

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