Jim Gilliam's Dotcom archives, 1999-2007

11.26.2005: Xooglers
04.24.2003: Never Underestimate the Internet
04.21.2003: Online Ad Outlook Brightens
10.31.2001: Evolution not revolution
04.06.2001: Dot Com Diaspora
03.09.2001: Quitting Time for Work.com
02.19.2001: Understated Brutality
02.01.2001: Bob Davis resigned
01.29.2001: Corrupted by Capital
01.27.2001: Jay Walker
12.27.2000: Hesitation is Golden
10.21.2000: Hyping the Terra Deal
08.03.2000: Sky-ward
05.18.2000: No Respect for Lycos
05.16.2000: Bob's Outrageous Coup
03.31.2000: Lycos was Roadkill
03.28.2000: LycosLabs
03.28.2000: Sea of Question Marks
03.22.2000: Equity Sharing Stock Option Fix
03.06.2000: Copycat
02.29.2000: High school credit for second round of funding
02.28.2000: A Valent-less IPO
01.25.2000: We'll Use it Too
01.24.2000: Multiple Brands
12.31.1999: Yahoo! versus Lycos
12.24.1999: Patenting the Banner Ad
12.06.1999: Does the Smut Stop Here?
12.03.1999: See Spot Run
11.30.1999: 17-year-old web entrepreneur killed himself

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