Jim Gilliam's Intelligence archives, 1999-2007

08.28.2007: Why are tall people more successful? (3 comments)
09.14.2006: Republicans in Congress lying about Iran's nuclear threat (5 comments)
05.04.2006: Ray McGovern (from Uncovered) nails Rumsfeld publicly (5 comments)
10.02.2005: Bush involved in leaking of Valerie Plame's identity? (20 comments)
08.19.2005: Powell's Chief of Staff: the "lowest point in my life" (1 comments)
07.28.2005: President Bush: Leakers are "the most insidious of traitors"
07.22.2005: Correcting the record on Valerie Plame (25 comments)
07.21.2005: Yes, Rove & Libby are hiding behind the press (2 comments)
07.21.2005: The June 10th 2003 INR memo (40 comments)
07.13.2005: Hating Valerie Plame: The New Right-Wing Sport (17 comments)
07.12.2005: It's not her name.. it's that she was a CIA agent, dufus! (1 comments)
07.02.2005: Karl Rove blew Valerie Plame's cover (11 comments)
05.10.2005: One paragraph. (1 comments)
01.18.2005: "Iraq is just one campaign." (8 comments)
01.12.2005: U.S. gave up searching for WMD in Iraq (41 comments)
11.15.2004: Tightening the grip of power... (53 comments)
10.21.2004: George Tenet: War on Iraq "wrong"
10.20.2004: The 9/11 report that names names (21 comments)
09.26.2004: Next stop... Syria?
08.13.2004: Bush's nominee to head the CIA: "I am not qualified" (2 comments)
05.26.2004: NYT retracts many prewar intelligence claims (5 comments)
03.09.2004: Karl Rove: It wasn't me!
03.05.2004: Bogus defector-supplied intelligence on Iraq's WMD
02.16.2004: Seeking the truth? Or partisan politics?
02.12.2004: Bob Novak... a liar? or a word parser? You decide.
02.11.2004: Don't let Bush pin this entirely on the CIA (2 comments)
02.10.2004: Luarence Silberman: "an extreme partisan" (2 comments)
02.07.2004: Confronting the Evil of Confronting Evil
02.07.2004: The Commission (1 comments)
02.06.2004: Followup on indictments in Plame investigation
02.05.2004: Valerie Plame's outers have been identified! (1 comments)
02.04.2004: Tenet will defend his intelligence (3 comments)
02.03.2004: The blame game begins...
01.30.2004: Bush wants to know the "facts" on WMD intelligence (1 comments)
01.09.2004: "considerably weaker than I believed beforehand"
01.03.2004: Looks like Fritz Hollings saw Uncovered (10 comments)
08.10.2003: Aluminum Tubes + Yellow Cake = Twinkie (2 comments)
07.22.2003: You were warned! (13 comments)
04.09.2003: Greatest Intelligence Coup in History

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